Bombers announce several game day changes

i call bullcrap on legit reasons to leave and come back.

sorry how many times can u forget ur "sweater" or "camera" or "wallet".

people talking about emergency situations, well if it was a real emergency would u really come back even for the rest of the game?

think about it.

only people actually upset with the no re-entry is the people who do actually go and smoke weed or go to their cars at halftime and shotgun a few beers back.

dont give me this i forgot my "insert bullcrap item here". really how do u forget your wallet? how do u forget your camera.. must mean ur really retarded to begin with or maybe you've already had to much.

if u leave the game for a legit "emergency" and come back, obviously it wasnt really an emergency and just an excuse to leave to go and drink.

hw many times can u forget your "sweater" or "camera". Seriously all i see here is... WAH WAH WAH... now i have to buy beer at the stadium. WAH WAH WAH.

seems pretty simple.. u drink too much, ur a problem. u start crap, you're gone, unfortunately alot of fights have taken place at the stadium and honestly, the people complaining, u have noone to blame but yourselves and your friends who cant control the amount of alcohol they take in.

u can thank morons like that hogan bafoon and his kid for this btw.

need an example, check out the pic the freepress is running, hogan is about to punch a cop in the mouth.

thats really all that needs to be said.

pictures say 1000 words.. and that one.. tells u the story as to why... they are having the no re-entry policy.

this wouldnt be the case if people could control themselves.

Excuse me???

If I do forget something, I should be allowed to go get it.

You're no better than this so-called policy. You're painting everyone the same. The vast majority of the people in attendance cause ZERO problems.

how hard is it to double check.. SOLUTION SOLVED.

how many times do u have to leave for "legit" reason. what like once every 10 years.

seriously, whining for the sake of whining.

You couldn't miss the point more...

Instead of dealing with the real problem, ie, the few fans who do cause a problem, You, like this policy, assume that everyone who wants to leave and return are going to cause a problem. That's ridiculous. You can't tell me that everyone that leaves just wants to find a cheaper way to drink, and you can't tell me that everyone who causes a problem has left and then returned.

PS...usually it's PROBLEMS that are solved, Not SOLUTIONS :wink:

well, how do u deal with those fans then

follow them around like lil puppy dogs?

fact is.. incidents have risen over the past few years at the stadium.. and unfortunately the rest of us have to pay for the sins of the minority who cant control themselves.

it is what it is. cant do anything about it.

im sure if u have to leave for a legit reason, death or someone got hurt or u gotta pick up a kid, or your a doctor and on call, im sure if u talk to them they would understand.. just dont give me this.. what if i forget something in my car because thats not an emergency at all, unless u forgot your kid in the car.

u gotta go take a deuce? thats not an emergency. u need air? thats not an emergency.. its an open air stadium for gods sake.

i just dont see any other solutions.

I'll be shocked if this no re-entry policy makes any difference at all. How many times have I seen people wobbling out of the beer line with a beer in each hand?

Better education and training for the security and serving staff would specifically target people who cause problems and/or over-indulge.

Would it cost more than a knee-jerk reaction blanket policy that will really have little or no effect on the real problem? Yes...but a no re-entry policy does little if anything to address the real problem.

The scanner's the door staff use are not merely barcode scanners, but PDAs, meaning they're programmable. So why not this:

If you want/need to leave during the game, you gotta scan out. Flag that ticket with the scanner so that when I am coming back in, the scanner alerts the staff in a way that I've left. Search me again if you want, ask me questions geared to gauge my soberness.

To deny re-entry to everyone based on the faint hope that you will deter those who drink to much from causing problems at a game is nuts, IMHO

From today’s FP:

The Bombers made official Monday a "no re-entry" policy that means fans will no longer be able to exit Canad Inns Stadium and then return after having their tickets scanned, [b]although exceptions may be made early this season for those who forget jackets, umbrellas or other items and wish to retrieve them[/b].

So as long as it's early in the season, I'm allowed to be forgetful.

There are other CFL stadiums that have no re-entry policies. I can't recall it ever being used as an excuse to not go to games or being blamed for a bad experience by fans of those teams.

For all of those who said it's a bad policy I'm curious, how many times have you left the stadium during a game and come back in during a season? If you did leave, was the reason you left an emergency or a food/drink run or you forgot something. How many times did you leave and not come back?

Personally I think people are making a mountain out of a molehill regarding the policy.

i dont think people are making it out to be a mountain, just saying that if a legit reason to leave did come up, itd suck not to be let back in, however im sure most security staff would be reasonable to the situation, especially if you dont smell like booze or pot

That's my feeling exactly. Only one time in the past have I been in the stadium and forgotten something (and no, Killer, it wasn't booze) and I did leave and come back. My problem with this policy is twofold...

  1. It treats everyone as though they're going to be a problem
  2. It does very little to fix the problem they say they're trying to fix.

in reality tho, it treats everyone as equals. u cant go to your car, i cant go to mine. seems fair.

the only real way to solve the alcohol issue is to take alcohol away from the games but since that wont happen, this is the next best solution.

if people want to drink and spend like 60 bucks on beer and miss half the game cuz they are inline waiting for their precious beer, then so be it. atleast that money is going to the bombers.

in reality, going to a bomber game is like going to a social, u can drink whatever u want b4 u go but once your their, you are only drinking whats available and if they catch u sneaking out to your car to down a 6 pack or a couple of king cans, u are gone. NO ands ifs or buts about it.

its gonna be fun when some drunk moron tries to go to his car and isnt allowed back in. U know its gonna happen.

....if that's what a fans purpose is, to go and get some suds....then HE should be taken to task for it....not the guy who went back for a legitimate reason....Trying to police that is going to be a logistic nightmare...Fans are going to have to be interrogated on their return...made to swear out an affidavit stating they really ...only went back for a sweater and not finishing off the case of beer that was left in their trunk.....WOW....this could turn into a policing quagmire :lol:

Exactly...thanks for summing that up, Papa