Bombers announce several game day changes

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whats everyones take on this?

tailgating is ok if you do it near where bob irving is gonna broadcast the pre-game show but not anywhere else or tailgating isnt allowed at all?

i personally dont care because i dont really need to drink b4 the game.. i mean why? so i can be rowdy and obnoxious? i can do that when sober :stuck_out_tongue:

u know whats funny tho, people in wpg complain about people being cheap here.. yet beers at bomber games are like 6.50/7.00 and noone has a problem buying 10 of those a game.

Tailgating is allowed, as far as I know, as long as alcohol is not involved. Why some people think you can’t tailgate without alcohol is something I don’t understand. It’s good to see that there will be an increased police presence during the games and in the parking lot beforehand. Hopefully that will keep some of the idiots out of the stadium.

the no re-entry idea is implemeted for the right reason... but i cant see it working out...

ive had season tickets for a long time.. ive had to leave for several reasons over the years, legitimate reasons.. and to not be able to come back would be a real pain in my side... there will be too many legit reasons for people to leave and there will be a lot of complaints.. i woulodnt be surprised if this was changed...

just last season in the first quarter i got a call from a friend. his car broke down 10 mins away from the stadium on the way to the game..i went and picked him up and brought him in... are they going to tell me i cant come back and watch the game now? i know trhere are alternatives, but come on... a

and i dont mind bringing in all my gear cause of where i sit... but on a chance of rain game, the people in the cramped sideline seats wont want to bring big bags of stuff in just in case... its already crowded... plus itd make the bag check lines that much worse....

and what if a problem with yuor child or something comes up but your able to make it back in time... just to many real things that would annoy paying fans that arent just running out to there cars to drink or smoke up...

like i said, i undertsand what they are trying to do with no re-enrty, but i dont think its a good way to go...

.......i agree towelie......this rule is going to be a night-mare to administer....a simple thing like wanting to get an item that you may have forgot in your car(a camera for instance) and not being able to retrieve it will have more than a few people po'd....There will be so many grey areas in this 'no re-entry' rule that it will be pretty tough to enforce...I think it may change????? :roll: :roll:

why not have a golf cart or something by the bombers transporting people to their "cars" to get their "cameras" then. or have a breathalizer going in and out, and if u blow higher when u come back.. well.. sucks to be you.

do people really forget things like cameras tho and jackets in the car? wallets? like.. i dont think so. maybe b4 u go in, instead of "forgetting" your cameras or whatever, u just remember to take them. pretty simple.

human error. it happens.

agree papa, there will be grey areas... if one person goes out by themself... is clearly not intoxicated, and has a good reason, let them go... i think an easier solution is to just be a lot tigher letting people back in that have scanned out... search them again... and if they seem to drunk or high or whatever, then dont let them back in.. it has to be at securities discretion... if its a set in stone rule, theyl have a lot of issues im sure

I disagree. Set in stone rules means the rule is applied the same to everyone. Some people may complain but probably more would if security personnel were making arbitrary decisions regarding who can come back in or who can't.

In Regina, the store is accessed outside the stadium so people leave and come back all the time - I've done it myself - it's an hour lineup to even get in the place in the 90 minutes before kick-off (seriously), so popping down at half-time is great. Pick up some new gear, and back in the seat in 15 minutes.

theres a huge debate on the forum about this, so il keep it brief...if someone had ro run to check on a child, or bring someone a key... or anything like that thats important, but also could be quick... would you really not let them back in the stadium... after paying for tickets... doesnt sound fair, i dont usually have to leave, but if i had a legit reason id sure want to be let back in...

I can't imagine any reason to leave the stadium for a short period of time. If a person has to leave for an emergency then chances are they won't be back before the game ends. If it's not an emergency then it can likely wait. Most of the critisism I've read are from people who leave to use the bathrooms at Polo Park or go eat at a restaurant at half-time. Hardly necessary. Double and triple check that you brought everything from your car before going in. Not difficult. There are designated areas where people can smoke so no one has to leave for that. Lots of stadiums in the CFL have no-entry rules. I don't think it's a big deal.

i agree that its not a huge deal… but just predicting that a small amount of people will have things they actually need to leave for that may not take that long… it will draw some complaints for sure, but everything does… if it does prevent an accident or something then its prob worth it… its just a big step. some other american places use it too, so its not an entirely new idea either


  1. you left your vehicle lights on.

  2. you left a vehicle window/sunroof open and it looks like it might rain.

  3. your wife locked/lost her house/vehicle keys, and needs to pop by the stadium to get your set.

  4. you're in line for high-priced burgers and cokes and find out that you left your wallet in the glovebox.

  5. you have asthma and forgot your puffer.

  6. your kid has asthma and you find out HIS puffer is in your jacket from the night before, and someone needs to come pick it up.

There's six pretty good ones, and that took me about 97 seconds to think of. There are piles more legitimate reasons for a re-entry policy that is a little more sophisticated than "no re-entry".

well said... its done for the right idea, but a strict no re-entry policy will run into problems.. we'l see if it survives

  1. Many cars turn the lights on and off automatically.
  2. I don't have a car with a sunroof but I understand that many models close the sunroof automatically when you shut off the car.
  3. Your wife can call you on her cell/pay phone/friend's place, take a taxi or bus to the stadium and you can hand her the keys through the door.
  4. Guess you don't get to eat.
  5. Talk to the medical people or someone at the Bombers - set in stone rules do have some exceptions for medical situations if you left it in the car. If you left it at home, have your wife bring it to you like in 3)
  6. Same as 5).

....c'mon blue blood......this is going to be a night-mare to i said and you know it...If you pee off too many people over this re-entry policy...they 'could' re-think coming to the next game...AND that won't be good for anyone...If someone is 'drunk' and obnoxious.....throw them out....Mixing innocent and well behaved people in with that lot is a big mistake :thdn:

I gotta agree with those who don't like the no re-entry policy. I HATE it when companies, organizations, etc, decide to deal with a very small minority by changing the rules for everybody.

Why should I not be able to come and go if I've never caused a problem?

Because they want you to spend your money inside the stadium. On the surface, this change is about "reducing drunkenness." But it's really about the Bomber making more money off concessions.

Oh jeesus...what are you smokin' today?

It's nothing more than attempting to deal with a certain situation in the easiest way possible, by changing the rules for everyone, which, IMHO, is wrong. It's letting a few bad apples spoil the bunch.

As a Dr though sometimes I'm on call and its helpful for me to step outside of the stadium as its a bit easier to hear on the cel than inside. The concourse can still be noisy with other fans waking about and talking. This makes me less likely to buy a ticket on a gameday in which I'm on call.

This may help curb some drunkeness but for people who want to drink they'll drink. They just might show up a little more buzzed before the game or will purchase more at the concessions. Lets face it, even with the "training" they will give vendors to recognize people who have had too much, realistically when there are long lines, does anyone see them not selling to anyone unless they are just falling over or belligerent?

And that's the point. There are numerous legitimate reasons for needing to leave and return.

Assess everyone when they hard can that really be?