Bombers announce coaching staff changes

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have named Jordan Younger as defensive coordinator and Mike Miller as special teams Coordinator, the latter replacing Paul Boudreau whose contract was not renewed by the club. Richie Hall remains on the defensive coaching staff.

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Two very excellent moves. Build from within and promote talent. Will be the backbone of continued success.

That explains a lot. As I had relayed the info out there that Mace, upon being hired as HC, was rumoured to be bringing along Younger as his DC. This nips that in the bud. I imagine Hall keeps his salary though Younger would get a raise. And clears up the Boudreau thing as well. Miller would likely merit a lower salary. Gotta spread the $$ around where they can.

Let’s be honest. In the past 2 Grey Cups the defence folded in the 4th Qtr, quite spectacularly this past year. Younger is an up & coming DC & will resuscitate an aging defensive scheme. Bo was quite blunt in his assessment of what went wrong on D on the final drive & that was echoed & expanded upon by Henoc Muamba & Donovan Bennett in their post GC podcast.

And, as i had mused yesterday regarding the Riders in their hunt for assistants, that’s another door that’s closed along with the Killam request. To iterate, the Rider situation is looking to me like the Claybrooks hiring. He brought on 5 coaches who were on their 1st CFL gig. I hope for the Riders’ sake we don’t see the same thing unfolding there.

If Mike Miller’s communication skills are anything like his playing skills, he’ll be a great asset as a coach.

Another soft-firing similar to Steinauer’s – Hall isn’t fired, but effectively demoted, and I’d be highly surprised if the team brought him back once his current contract expires.

Tough but necessary decision. Hall is one of the sharpest defensive minds in the game, but he’s been coaching for a long time and eventually time catches up to you.

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