Looks like the Bombers are not quite the team some Bombers fans expected. Looked pretty much like last years team tonight.

Talk about an unprofessional coaching staff, flippin the bird at the refs. That's an embarrassment to the league.

Bombers are on their way to the basement in the East.

agree... with damon allen back, i say the argos will take over 2nd eventually

I think the league should, and will be, far more embarrassed about the officials. Even with instant replay they ****ed up all night long.

EE will be in for a shock when the BB's rock Edmonton out of the playoffs NEXT WEEK.

99.Winnipeg if they continue that pattern :thdn:

if we hit the basement in the East, were knocking Edmonton out of the playoffs by CROSS OVER!!!


Oh and alot of Bomber fans probably didnt expect much from the team this year being that they were so bad in the previous 2 seasons. And in no means did we look like last years team tonight, 280 yards given up on D as oppose to last year when we gave up 500 yards on any given night.


even if somehow ur record is higher enough to get over edmonton will be to busy up in 1st place to bother with the cry baby fans on winnipeg


yea so 1 game ... member couple of hours ago ?

and we beat TO twice...

BB only have two days to practice before playing Thurs.

They're prob still down three O-linemen.

They're going into Commonwealth to face team after a bye that had it handed to them last game.

That doesn't bode well for Bummers.

finally someone agrees with me and pokey i got 2 words for you

S*ck It !

I totally agree with you EE! The last time I saw a coach flash the bird he got fired good old Larry K coaching the Stamps gave the bird to all the fans.

refs deserved it. bombers rule the esks. montreals the only team better than them, winnipeg rules

Again Yogi you prove to the world how stupid you really are! Has the Bombers played all the teams in the CFl this year! The answer would be NO! So you go out any make these claims with no proof! :lol:
I am sure you are KK's brother! :lol:

through a process of elimination you can figure out that the bombers are 2nd best in the league, over everybody but the als. 1st in west easily if they were still there. lol, stamps fans, alwys good for a pity laugh

Unless you want to set yourselves up for a dissapointment bombers fans, don't expect any kind of game similar to the one two weeks ago vs. the esks. The esks will be playing a lot stronger.

And that doug berry and his coaching staff are becoming even more entertaining than danny maciocca. 90% of the time it shows Berry's face on TV, he's turning purple with his mouth hanging open yelling at the refs. And then there's greg marshall flipping off the refs. Stay classy winnipeg.

why, did they get a whole new set of starters? :lol: eskimos suck, 46-10 does that

Why is everybody so worried after one big loss? They looked pretty good againt the Eskimos.