Bombers and Contractor blame CFL for joke pressbox !

I'll never understand fans who are so sensitive about their team that legit criticism of a bone-headed mistake is off-limits. The Bombers messed up, just admit it and move on. It's not an indication of one team being superior to another. The Als have their own stadium mess and the entire Jim Popp saga has turned into a gong show in its own right. So I'm not here to bash the Bombers from on high. I would say that both teams -- the Als and the Bombers -- need to get their houses in order in the years ahead. Different issues, but the need to right the ship is real for both franchises.

e’ve admitted this in thread after thread started last season by HfxTc. It just gets annoying to have the same joker repeatedly start new threads about the same issues over and over. Especially one who if I’m not mistake is in the construction industry and I’m pretty sure has made his own boneheaded mistakes over the years. He started before the 2013 season began posting about unsubstantiated “facts” he got off of twitter supposedly and has continued to go after bombers and their fans in this forum. This item is not new news, we discussed/argued about it way back at the start of the season. The only reason this poster brings it up ad nauseum is to sling dung which only serves to incite a reaction from bomber fans which is what he’s looking for. When it comes to the main CFL forum I’m just going to start ignoring this idiot.

Ah yes... the unsubstantiated reports that the stadium was going to be a year late and the unsubstantiated reports that there was huge drainage issues and the unsubstantiated reports that guardrails were in the field of view (with pictures).'
Now the pie shaped open storage area at in the corner of the stadium converted in a make believe press box.

The jokers are the ones trying to constantly rebut "Facts"

I have to quote this because it's just blatent nonsense and I don't want to leave you in a position where you can delete it.

I have never, ever seen a press box located in an obstructed corner of a stadium or rink in my life. Sorry... What this is is that once everything was built they realized they had no press box and used the leftover space that could not be sold or used...

.....I rank some of hfxtcs' comments about the Bombers as inflammatory...then I have to laugh....Go back to Feb. 20 when one of his threads read....'Bombers turn down Cup cuz they're broke :lol: :lol: '...Seems we have more cash than he thought and will most likely host the 2015 Cup game...I know he's a great fan but does try to incite CFL discussion...Hence his 20,000 threads....Some ,however, are loaded with conjecture and poor facts...He's already cast aspersions of a failed occupation date for the opening of Timmies field in Ham...and Ottawa....Can't really blame him for that BUT geez hfxtc...put those guys under the microscope for a change and give us a break :lol: :lol:

As far as I've read, they mayor wants to pony tax payer money for the Bombers... Why is that Papa :lol:

....not only the Mayor but apparently a lot of other vested interests as well...Sure looks like the Bombers AND the City want it...So when are the Als. and Wetenhall going to put up the cash for their hosting of the game...I wonder if anyone else in Montreal will front some cash for the effort when they do...and if they do would it be cuz Bobs broke :lol:

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Was there not any blueprints drawn up with this stadium???? It's kind of like building a 75 floor sky scraper and half way through construction,you realize you didn't build any elevator shafts.It's nice to see that it's getting fixed,but in reality it should have been done properly the first time around,I mean come on,seriously,how do you screw up where to place and build a press box in a stadium???? I mean,really how does something like that not be included by the designer(s) in the planning and blue print stages of a stadium project. :o :roll: :oops:

Obstructed corner? Have you been to IGF? Yes its in a corner and by all accounts, even from the negative local scribes here in the city, it's fine if you sit in the open area. The main problem is it's open to the elements and not closed. It's only obstructed if you sit in the suite part, there's plenty of room to get a good seat to see the game. The only one who complains about it so much is you and you've never been there or seen it. The reporters who have actually had to work there don't gripe about it like you do. We've been over this months ago, the bombers admitted that the box was not up to snuff and repairs would have to be made. It's not surprising to see everyone blaming everyone else for the failure and making excuses, that's what happens with big construction mistakes that will require big dollars to correct.

Again, mistakes were made, those are being rectified for next season, by and large everyone who's been to the facility raves about it despite those problems. Fans from other cities had great things to say about it. Even reporters that have had to sit in said press box rave about how great the facility is. And guess what, an entire season was played with said press box. Reporters managed to see the games and get their job done and TSN was able to cover their games without a hitch. So what is the point of starting yet another thread intending to debase the facility and the bombers on this topic? Is it some sort of professional loyalty thing trying to defend other contractors? At this point, who cares, whatever your reasoning, you're clearly coming off as petty at this point.

Mr. Wetenhall has always paid for the rights to host the GC. Never asked for a penny. I'll tell you one better he's the only owner to ever put his CASH into a stadium.

......well maybe it's about time somebody or enterprise in the city of Mont. show some interest and instead of platitudes, cough up some cash.. :wink:

They had the wrong people pushing the project through. It is mind boggling that there are such issues considering the original design came from HOK sports and their job is designing such facilities. Then you hire people, which retrospectively turn out to the be wrong people, to implement the design.

Its obvious the press box was in the original blueprint. But it was probably moved. Find out what they put in place of it and you will have the answer as to why they did what they did... I wonder if it became Asper's suite :cowboy:

Where's your thread slagging the BC government for putting in money for the Lions to host the 2014 Grey cup? Or against the Sask government for helping in the bid for the Riders to host in 2013? or the feds and Ontario govt's for hosting the 100th Grey Cup in 2012?

The B.C. bid only came up as a result of the [b]provincial budget released Tuesday, in which a $2.7 million business development expense in the service plan was included for the 2014 bid to be used by the team’s landlord, B.C. Pavilion Corp.[/b]

The money has not yet changed hands, nor it is the first time the provincial Crown corporation has been involved in staging the game, with $2.01 million allocated to stage the 2011 contest, according to government figures.

For the last few years, CFL teams have been required to purchase staging rights for the Grey Cup game, reportedly in the $3 million range, and have greatly benefitted from the exchange.

Last year’s game at Toronto’s Rogers Centre, according to reports, generated $17 million in revenue and $10 million profit for Argos and Lions owner David Braley.

But Skulsky said the benefits for the region exceed the cost, noting the contribution of the B.C. government doesn’t come close to the $6.2 million given by the province of Saskatchewan for this year’s game in Regina, or the reported $9.5 million in federal and provincial contributions for events associated with the 100th Grey Cup last year.

Look, these things can happen, for instance Citi Field, home to the New York Mets, and this is was an obstructed view for the players albeit not those on the field but a more important issue than a pressbox gaffe:

During the 2010 offseason, the bullpen area in right-center field underwent a complete renovation. When the edifice opened in time for the start of the 2009 MLB season, the Mets' bullpen was in front of the visiting bullpen, leading to an obstructed view of the field from the visiting bullpen, which the San Diego Padres complained about during the Mets' first regular-season home series. The bullpens were turned 90 degrees, with pitchers throwing toward the field instead of parallel to it

Looks like it might be something that started with the 100th. Grey Cup and now the league is going back to the well. I don’t support the idea of tax money going to a profitable private enterprise but I don’t blame them.

Another new source of revenues that the players don’t get to benefit…

So you're assuming it was there just moved but you haven't actually looked at any of the blueprints or designs. You definitely sound like a contractor - it's in the blueprint somewhere but I haven't seem em. Have no clue what's on them. Hyuck hyuck.

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A new thing with the 100th Grey Cup? You have no clue do you? Governments have been contributing to bids for the Grey Cup forever because of the economic spin off. The 100th was the only one that got federal money as far as I know. All the bids to host Grey Cup games hosted here in Winnipeg over the years had provincial and municipal money contributed because they get their money back and more in the revenue generated hosting the event. Who do you think has been paying for all those Grey Cups at the RC? The Argos with their bleak financial picture? Seriously?