Bombers and Contractor blame CFL for joke pressbox !

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After trying to blame the steel supplier for not being on time after breaking their own contract in taking reception of the steel the first time around, they are now blaming the CFL for not designing the pressbox !

"Before my first game I heard how bad it was and I thought, it can't be that bad. And then I got there and it was worse," said Judy Owen, a freelance sports reporter with The Canadian Press.

"I've been to stadiums across the country and this is the worst one I've ever sat in."

According to construction reports written by BBB Stadium Inc. — the consortium that oversees the facility's construction — the press area was an issue throughout the time the stadium was being built.

"The enclosure of the press suite has been put on hold," the construction team wrote in a report dated Oct. 14, 2011.

In a report from Nov. 18, 2011, the team wrote, "West side suite level is currently being redesigned to see if the press box could be constructed at lower cost."

Must be renovated

The media facilities at Investors Group Field must now undergo renovations to meet CFL guidelines, if Winnipeg wants to qualify as a host city for the Grey Cup final.

When asked about how the $204-million stadium could be opened with a press box that will have to be fixed, officials with BBB Stadium Inc. blamed the football league.

"The CFL did not have design guidelines in place for press box design and neither the CFL nor TSN provided the requested input regarding press box design," officials told CBC News in an email.

Why is the quote from a 'media person' not from a Winnipeg media member?

Like who is Judy Owen...?

I also find it odd that the officials contacted aren't named, but should be noted BBB Inc is not the WBB football club if BBB inc did actually say that.
I'm not sure what this Judy Owen finds so bad, I've been inside the west side suite level and it's easily better then what I've seen this year at Guelph and Regina, I'd also imagine it's better then Calgary and at least old Ivor Wynn... so how it's easily the worst... ?
Haha I mean Guelph flooded one game this year, sorry Judy but you lose your credibility there.

There was definitely a mistake made though, a $350K mistake that will be fixed for next season.

She is talking about the pressbox overlooking the corner of the end zone. Then there are the quotes by BBB Inc and then the unnamed "officials" blaming the CFL. 3 seperate sources.

Guelph was a temporary stadium. Not a 225 million stadium.

We won't even talk about the lie about the 350k donation when it has already been made public that Asper is offering to front the cash in exchange for his luxury box being comped. for years. That's right out of the team's revenues and hardly a "donation"

umm, that's 2 sources. the unnamed official is from BBB inc... or are you meaning a source is a construction report written by BBB Inc. from 2011, lol, which could even be from the same person as the 'unnamed official'

Whatever not going to argue over citation vs source. The point is blaming the CFL is laughable.

She is a reporter based in Winnipeg who covers sports for The Canadian Press. So yes, she is "a Winnipeg media member."

[b]"The CFL did not have design guidelines in place for press box design and neither the CFL nor TSN provided the requested input regarding press box design," officials told CBC News in an email.[/b]
BBB Stadium Inc. oversaw the entire construction and should never have authorized the current media suites without specified guidelines.

If the CFL did not return a message, TRY AGAIN and AGAIN until you do get a response.

sure, blame everyone except yourself.

you have to be TOLD how to do it right?

you mean to tell me that you can't figure it out by yourself??? :roll:

That they could not think that it would need to be enclosed and have a view of the field is funny but isn't all at the same time. :lol:

It's being fixed , so not sure what the point of the thread is but HFTCX ,loves bashing the Bombers on anything he can find. Funny , but never one post or thread about Hamilton's fiasco this year, playing in Guelph.made the league look mickey mouse and embarrassing that Hamilton's own city didn't step up keep them playing in Hamilton for the year. Lost huge dollars and he's worried about a press box in a brand new stadium in the CFL. Typical , just check out the Bomber threads , it's littered with stuff like this from him.

Wahhh, wahhh. TC quoted a CBC news reporrt.

Great CBC , ha ha and Judy Owen , ha ha. Keep trolling, it's entertaining !

You laugh like a littegurl :cowboy:

It's a pretty big blunder by the stadium builder. From the pictures I've seen, the pressbox doesn't look "bad", but it's simply poorly laid out in a bad location within the stadium. To get a full view of the field it appears you have to go outside and sit on one of the outdoor seats, which obviously isn't going to work well for a reporter or journalist when the weather isn't perfect outside.

It's pretty comical that the builder is just passing the buck though. Own up to the mistake, they're acting like a spoiled 9 year old. Take some responsibility.

The builder locked themselves into a dollar figure and put themselves in the position of having to swallow cost overruns. Now they are going around trying to find someone to blame and pay for those overruns. Shocker.

There were mistakes in the process all around. It was a huge undertaking and unfortunately not all the right people were in the right spots. Hence you get Buchko standing in a half finished stadium making promises about deadlines that were obviously unrealistic. The fiasco was a part of why Buchko lost his job. No surprise those who made mistakes on the construction end are feverishly trying to save theirs. In the end its still a world class facility so to all the haters like HfxTc I offer a Stone Cold salute for their relentless efforts to dig up this tripe to slag the bombers and city over the same old. I could honestly care less if some reporter had to sit outside like all the paying fans have to do. They're still getting paid and get fed for free. The situation is being fixed to the satisfaction of the CFL and NHL for the Heritage Classic it will host. And hey, it could've been worse, they could've left out a door and made the reporters climb up a ladder to get in like in Taylor Field. Considering some of the reporters around town I would have been in favour of that option myself.

Bottom line it is another 350k thrown in the garbage by the Bomber organization.

haha, well I guess I'll rephrase that.
Why not get a RESPECTED(or even known) member of the Winnipeg sports media, since I've never heard of her before.
Haha, it's disturbing when a member of the Winnipeg Sports media has less credibility then Paul Friesen.

I find it odd CBC's first phone call was to someone nobody in Winnipeg knows, instead of Ed Tait, Gary Lawless, Paul Weicek, Darren Bauming, Kirk Penton or Bob Irving(although he calls the game from center field).
Or heck get a respected CFL reporter like Drew Edwards or Steve Milton from the Spec, or hey Arash Madani has been to IGF hasn't he, call him up and see what he says.

They find the one "national" sports media member in Winnipeg I've never heard of before.. props CBC that's good digging. haha.
I do wonder what made it so bad for her other then not being enclosed... maybe one of her 4 stories she writes a year was that November game. :wink:

Bottom line ,your so envious of the superior support and Stadium Winnipeg has compared to the Dump the Als play out of and can't sellout .

kasps....methinks there's definitely a tinge of envy with regard to hfxtc and the Bomber stadium...Especially when you look at the Big Owe and it's crumbling walls..I know it's only or was a part time facility for the Als. BUT IF you want an example of how NOT to build a facility, just go back into some of the nightmares to do with that project :lol: Money pit comes to mind... Our problems with the new facility in the Peg are miniscule compared to that fiasco...All facilities encounter initial problems ...We'll probably hear of a few from Ottawa and Hamilton until all of the wrinkle are ironed out... No biggie..Looking forward to hosting the 2015 Cup in our first class facility :rockin:

Someone bumped is head. Envious of a Bomber fan :lol: Someone is confusing pity with envy :cowboy: