Bombers and Als game thread

Time for kickoff! :smiley:

Winnipeg is playing a better game so far, DEFENSIVELY.. their offense didn't look too hot on their first possession.

the Als are being silly. they need to stick to what works.


First TD against MTL in the first quarter all season?


That big catch by Guice was dropped, you could see the ball hit the turf on the replay

more importantly it was a push off, and should have been called back.

Didn't see that was in the car listening to the radio, watching tsn now. Wonder if they will bring it up.

The TSN guys didn't mention anyting about it, just kept talking about how nice of a catch it was.

I disagree on both counts..

I think it was disputable regarding the "push off"

but it was a catch.

I went back and looked at the replay, you can see the ball bounce off the turf

HAHA did you see that Winnipeg guy kick Cobournes mouth guard that was on the turf?

Bombers receivers are not playing well at all, if Bombers would hold onto balls the score would be much different

I disagree with Glen Suitor about Bowman being able to catch the ball if he'd moved up half a yard. It looked to me like if he'd moved up half a yard, the ball would've sailed over his head. It wasn't a bad play by Bowman. It was just a good defensive play by Sanchez.

Bombers got away with a pushoff and got called for a holding play they should not have (according to CJOB) on Reid's big reception. Evens out I suppose. Got to my TV just in time to see Bryant give up on another ball. Ugh!

ya thats was a pretty shaky holding call. Looks like montreal payed the refs this game lol

wow bowman nice moves great TD!!! Dont like how bombers keep pulling QB's they are going to destroy Casey Bramlet damn and Mike Kelly seems like the type who might throw him under the bus

Oh Bishop so sad so so sad wow am I the only one watching this game or what!!

What a cheap shot on Edwards, wow no call ! Emry could have killed Edwards. Home cooking ! MTL is good enough with out that cheap stuff. Emry needs to be suspended for at least 2 games. You could have called pass int., roughing or a head shot. Wow refs have been awful in the CGY game and this one as well. Hope the cfl sits down with the refs and gets them straightened out.

Agreed Look at my post in the chip cox.. thread said exactly the same thing although it wasnt chip cox the refs were busy watching the game not watching the field

Bombers have a LONG way to go..

they need to get their act together.