I thought the refs were suppose to put their flags away… Harris was in the clear, and the block to the back had no bearing on the play.
That being said, the idiot should be cut for such a stupid penalty.

Well Keeping is done for the season

Well I guess he might just end up on the 6 game

Nice to see the replay got it right out of the gate. Hope that is a sign of things to come.

Seems to be an okay preseason game. The quality is not bad for basically having a week to practice.

Yeah.. that was fast.. Hopfully the new system is quick.
Nichols should be cut.. This new guy reminds me a bit of Jennings

a stupid thought. refs are there to practice as well.

No.. The CFL has mandated a 25% reduction in penalties

Vern Adams is the next Timmy Chang.

Really hasn't been too bad for flags for the first preseason game of the season. 7 penalties through 3 quarters of a preseason game when the teams playing have practiced for 8 or 9 days...not bad at all to be honest.


First half was decent… Flandets is da bomb

He does look good. Will need to see him against the primary LBs, but definitely a guy to watch. Lapo will help the Bombers out a lot.

Yeah, decent game. Definitely getting excited for the season.

Do you have mandate to this mandate?

Are you asking for a link?

If you have one. Interesting mandate if they have done so, and understandable as well. Would be interesting to see more. Generally when something is mandated there is a good writeup on it.

I enjoyed watching the game.

the "mandate" should be for the players to play the game right and earn their paychecks. Refs should call every penalty they see.

or they could open the CBA and negotiate the 16 hours of lost practice time per week back in exchange for something....perhaps more cap.

Point being, it would be interesting to see / hear more on this.