Has a thread been started for this game yet? Surely, I can’t be the first to get one going. Maybe everyone has turned this game off by now. Can’t blame people. This might possibly be the worst half of football I’ve ever seen … unless one likes seeing challenge flags, penalties, and goofball plays ad nauseum. There’s even been a blocked convert for crying out loud.

I take it all back. The game ended up being entertaining after all, in a CIAU kinda way.

The most boring game I've seen in several years. Turned it off and went up to 2 when the Edmonton game started.

You clearly show how little you know about the CFL , was a last second thriller. But clearly you made the right choice , rushing to watch this 1 0 Redblack lead!

....Too many flags and when the refs. get involved in a big way...wellll it doesn't make for an entertaining game... One of the refs. got so involved he took a shot from an Als. defender..(hope he's alright) Anyone watching were most likely astonished by the bad play...It did pick up at the end of the game but like Mike O says...doesn't matter if you win long as you win.. :wink:..Nice catch by Feoli -Gudino at the end for the Bombers on a wobbler by Willy :thup:

You clearly show how little you know about football if you think the game up to 10pm was anything short of dull, boring and outright frustrating to watch as a fan. After 3 of the most intensely boring hours of football I've seen in several years I held out little hope it would improve. Lastly, the 1st quarter of the Eskies game was more entertaining than the entire Als game and that 1st quarter was an average quarter of football.

Blast from the past. :lol: The only thing missing was a Chris Flynn reference.

Exciting game with an awesome finish.
However way too many penalties to slow the flow.

:rockin: Chris Flynn

Hope the ref's okay.

I would say that the Bombers won ugly again but 3-0 is still 3-0, but I won't cause if I did some Bomber fan will get pissy about it.

Taped the game and just finished watching most of it a few minutes ago. Wow, great job by the Bombers, the Montreal D got torn apart in the end. Say what you want, the Bombers are for real, Willy is the real deal. And completely agree with that PI overturn call, again, excellent the CFL has this rule now.

Was the Chad Johnson TD really a catch?

I think so from what I saw, just barely had it long enough. Just my opinion though.

Yes; he had full control of the ball until he hit the ground.

Bombers did win ugly, but when things are good those kind of game go your way and Winnipeg has everything turning up roses right now, even the manure.

I think he held the ref longer than the ball :smiley: