Sorry, but Als just aren't that good, 32 - 17

I don't expect the Als to post up 50 points, but conversely, I don't expect them to give up 24 points (as they did to Edmonton last week) either. The game will not be high-scoring, but I still predict an Alouettes win.

I think this D is better than the 2008 to 2010 teams. Those teams had an offense that was on the field 36 minutes a game. The last time we had a defense this good was 2002.

That's about what I think as well. Montreal in the thirties and Winnipeg in the teens.

Whether or not the 2013 D is better or worse than previous years won't amount to a hill of beans if the other two units don't prove they can carry their fair share of the load. :wink:

I'll also remind you that we haven't seen how this D will perform yet in a playoff game. In both our Grey Cup wins in the Trestman era, the D had to come up huge in the championship game to cover up for offensive torpor, particularly the 2009 championship. Remember Burke switching to zone to confuse Durant in the second half of the 2010 Cup game? Remember Billy Parker coming up huge with the championship-clinching interception in the final minute of the 2010 game?

I do but I also remember 13 guys one the field on a missed field goal :lol:

But what does that have to do with defense? The team was full value for that comeback. Down 17 points with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter, they got it started with a Jerald Brown interception and the team rolled from there.

13th man moment = priceless tho :smiley:

I suppose most members of this forum could have predicted that.

But it does raise the question...what's with this extensive discussion of the history of the D in Montreal...on the Bomber board?? I know you're not trolling, but don't you have a home of your own? Senior Ah Me might not even find you over here.. :wink:

Sorry, ploen, it was just in response to a comment made by cflsteve a while back in this thread.

Senior Ah Me might not even find you over here.. :wink:
Fortunately, the banhammer came down on him a while ago...;)

Look at the thread title. If you see any problems with fans from two teams getting together with friendly discussions about this week’s upcoming game, you may be suffering from some form of social anxiety or something. You should get that checked out. This constant bashing of members on this forum by you and a couple others is getting old.

This thread is fine. It was the other garbage threads ,constant bashing of our stadium and some taking glee in some growing pains associated with our new Stadium.Always negative articles posted, nothing positive. Especially coming from from other posters , who think 24 000 is a great crowd and their team or city never sells out ! The proof is on this site , so scroll back.

The thing is, 24,000 is a great crowd in a large urban market like Montreal with many leisure options (and many sports leisure options) for fans to spend their dollars on. Montreal is a different city from Winnipeg with different challenges. Als tickets are also not cheap.

24k is ok ,but certainty not enough to be slagging other franchises.

The Als seem to be in a nice groove after last two games. There line up seems set. Solid Oline, 4 solid import receivers, Messam at RB. Defense has played great as a Unit even with some injuries they have solid back ups and the D does not miss a beat.
As for the BBs Will Ford has come into his own as the KO returner but also as the primary back. Jarvis Jones seems to be a keeper on the Oline and with Neufeld coming in the Bombers plan on using him for next game so someone on the Oline this week won't be starting so they could pick it up especially if the running game gets going. Hall another week under center and if both Watson and Edwards can be both healthy and in the line up you never know with some play action
I like the defense better with Canadians Labbe and Muamba starting together at LB. As for the DBs Johson a veteran now at safety will look to read Neiswander especially with the Als simplifying their offense.
Sears now back with a week under his belt and even with Markett out if Washington can play could be a decent Dbackfield.
If Lavoi is still out that leaves Deslaures as the 5th receiver so that is a week spot for the Als and Johnson can help out elsewhere with any of the BBs DBs able to handle him easily.

Excuse me, HfxTC, but can you point to ONE instance where ploen_truth 'bashed' members of this forum? Just one, please, then we'll discuss "constant."

Sears is better than Markett, possibly having Washington back will help also. If Jovo spends most of the game at safety they'll probably have the best configuration of the secondary all season.

Ford had a good game vs the Stamps. He is the starting back right now but it's more by default I think, cflsteve. He's a liablity as a blocker in the pass game. He's constantly getting pushed back into the pocket by opposing defenders. Too often he gets knocked down so even if all he was supposed to do was get a chip block and release into the flat to make himself an option for a pass he's now out of the play. He's hesitant on who to block in blitzing situations and sometimes ends up not getting a hand on anyone. Considering they are in pass mode 75% of the time or so, he's more a liability.

The biggest question is how much losing Hall will affect the Dline. Can Peach wake up and finally get some pressure going that we haven't seen from him since his first game as a bomber? And if new guy JD Griggs can contribute something in the DE rotation. Kenny Mainor too has been a bit up and down. Can this group get any pressure on Neiswander, especially since the Als are without a couple regulars on the line? If the answer is yes, then just maybe the bombers can keep the game reasonably close.

That is very true. The Als have a very solid base of fans that spend that little bit extra for seats that make up for a lower amount of fans in the stands. Thats the way it has been and now that they have expanded to 25K seats they get a 22 to 23K or so game on a regular basis up from the old capacity of 20K.
A lot of Als fans are regulars for TV ratings since games have began to be shown on RDS in French as well as the English TSN.

As for the BBs they certainly are already making much improvement under Walters as the interim. Already has found a steal in Import OT Jarvis Jones as well as picking up a starting Canadian OT in Neufeld. So there biggest weak spot the Oline is being addressed and I think we will see a much better team and more wins and better play means more fans to fill those few thousand seats getting past that about 30K closer to sell outs keeping fans coming to the new stadium.

Two different cities, two different ways of doing things. Since Montreal has moved to McGill neither the Als nor the BBs have seem any troubling times with attendance and fan bases.
The one thing that will affect the Als will be no Big O for playoff games until the stadium is deemed safe. Tking those 45-50K fans for home playoff games and only 25K tickets the demand will be much higher than the supply so can be made up in playoff ticket prices for future home playoff games.

On thing that will hurt the Als is that until the BIG O is upgraded there will be no GC in Montreal. For Winnipeg fixing the press box issue will be a bit easier

Agreed and your great on here as well. Hfxtc loves bashing the Bombers, go through all the past threads and he love’s posting negative article’s and posting misinformation.

You think there's a crowd size at which it's acceptable to slag other franchises? Ragging on other franchises is never acceptable. This is a small league. We all need every team to survive and thrive.

No but it's laughable that some Ti cat posters were all over us for spending a extra year in the old Stadium when their situation is much ...much worse this year. I will say this, the Bombers will have some work to do, to regain some fans that have had enough . I'll give up my Hawk Jet tickets on the nov 2nd if booze offered at IGF :wink: