.....A lot of changes for us in this one....Can Brink get it done????...I hope our D comes-up big...This is the time to have a shut-down game from them...Our offence has never been firing on all cylinders anyway this season but our D has...They could mean the difference in this one as long as Brink can put 'some' points on the board...I've gone from the scenario of "not having much of a chance" to "we have a shot"...GoBigBlue :thup: :rockin:

Knocking Calvillo out of the game would level the playing field. We definitely need to put a lot of pressure on him like we did in Montreal.

The kicking and special teams need to improve; mediocrity and giving Montreal's offense a short field is a recipe for disaster.

It is really tiresome to keep hearing Bomber fans like yourself talk about injuring Calvillo. You can disguise your comments any way you like but I am not sure if your the lone ##@$$^ who's on all the boards suggesting this or if there are a bunch of you but it is pathetic and weak to want to injure another team's star player to win... A win means you beat the guy in front of you. When have you heard fans of other teams wishing to injure Pierce or Reid ? NEVER. Most fans want to beat the best and want to see the best play and don't wish injuries on any person or player. Grow a pair...

...I don't agree with anyone or player spouting that stuff....You DO NOT go out with the intention of ever injuring another player ...qb. or otherwise....I do not think responsible fans have that in mind....BUT i can't say the same for all players in the CFL with regard to OUR qb....It definitely looked like the argos Kuale, definitely had some bad intentions in his head and paid the price....There's no room in the league for that kind of play :thdn:

I just want to say I never would think that of you Papa, your a GREAT fan ! as most other guys on here.

.....If this team had an offence we'd be dangerous :lol: ...Horrible calls and execution....I know Brink does not have the reps.....but geez you should be loose instead of that baloney....Bad first half :thdn:

Not a bad first half from the viewpoint of defence. . . both Ds sure came to play this evening.

...I think Lapo better have a GOOD offence before he starts talking about 'Greatness'... :lol: What a bunch of huff and puff with nothing behind it....Get someone in here to make some decent calls on offence cuz this ain't working :roll: ...Just creeping in field in the running and catching dept.....Yeah ...really great :lol:

papa, as an Als' fan, permit me to say this.

That interference call, Suber on London, was totally bogus. No way I throw a flag on that play.

That was exciting if nothing else.

Pretty clear after this one that the Bombers have the horses to get it done. Unfortunately, they are saddled with a lame duck for a coach. Lapolice coaches scared and that will be our undoing.

...AND let me say this MadJack...that interference call on Carr in the final seconds was completely bogus,,,Even though it could have/should have been over at that point..i think we were fortunate to get the final shots at the endzone :roll: In any case ....If you can;t get into the endzone with that many cracks at don't deserve to win...Lapos offence is lacking BUT Burkes defence ain't :wink:

I'm not sure if it would have changed the outcome of the game, but I don't think time expired when the refs blew the 2nd down play dead. Trestman and the Als bolted for the dressing room as PLP tried in vain to plead his case with the refs.

That being said, Brink throws like a girly-man. It's Buck or bust for us in the playoffs -- we'd better keep him healthy for the playoffs, no matter how many games it costs us to sit him out.

....yes...i don't like the floating look his throws have...If i still had the speed i had when i could run/ a db. i'd be licking my chops on those tosses...Buck has nice crisp throws....something you either have or not....Say the last tries at the endzone were meaning the east title....c'mon better be a little more inventive than that....On one of those tries i'm putting all the effort behind Labatte and get some decent push....Instead Brink goes behind our weakest o line guy (in my estimation) and that's the centre...Put this big kid Pontbriand in behind Labatte....sixpoints...AND what was wrong with running around the end when you know damn well Als. d are huffing and puffing...Just bad calls and i.m afraid that's Lapos weakest part of his game calling....He cost us plenty when we are down deep with his crappy play calling...This year and last...Time to get better Lapo or it's on to someone who can :wink:

Brink can get it done. Don't care if they float if it gets there. 24/40, 324 yards, the guy can play. After that game, I don't think I'd want anyone else behind Pierce in case he gets hurt.

Too bad they couldn't punch it in (supposedly) at the end but come on. With the injuries we have, coming within a yard of a win against one heck of a football team in Montreal.. at 29-6 I thought they were done. They showed a lot of heart coming back especially behind a backup QB. Way to go, Bombers. Didn't win, but we showed we can very well beat that team, which is probably still the GC favourite.

We can complain all we want, but that's the bottom line. There's no team in this league that we can't beat - even with our backup QB. And that means we have a chance, no matter what anyone wants to complain about.

Brink is a good player, but LaPo and Barressi aren’t doing him any favors with the offense. It’s just bombs away on deep corners with a few short hooks mixed in. You guys have better talent than your playcalling shows. When defenses take away the deep balls, the offense has trouble moving the chains.

That was a beef with me when he was in Sask. I often said that he plays "not to lose" rather than playing to win, with his play calling.