Bombers @ Als

Nice big reception and then TD for the Bombers! Great way to start. Go Swaggerville! :smiley:

14-0 Bombers!!!

Fred Reid pops thru that hole and no Alouette around; nice play action

Go Blue!

Everybody is still asleep but this is a good game so far by Winnipeg scoring 2 early. BUT we were up 10-0 in the Banjo Bowl and even more than SSK under Miller, MTL is a force to be reckoned with.

Seems the Bombers D is doing everything they can to sabotage the great play by the Offense.

EDIT: what do ya know, Montreal made them pay.

You got it Grims, stupid, stupid, stupid penalties.

Gut check time for the Bombers, penalties and turnovers will kill you everytime, nice kick by Palardy at the end though should have them feeling better.


PRIOR to the snap.. offside.........

How the hell can you be offside AFTER the snap??????

LOL. Still doesn’t beat Proulx last night… “The defence make the offence move”


TD Edwards WHOOOOO!!

HTD, I hope your Cats pick it up you guys are much better than your record.

Back to back turnovers...Als now need to get some points. Interesting game 25-14 Winnipeg

Calvillo is not playing well... Richardson was wide open on the four yard line...

25-17 after Swaggerville held them after the turnover. Good game, wish more people were awake for discussion.

Been a good game from what I've see, catching parts of it while doing chores around the house, wasn't expecting this at all.

Buck, what a warrior, wish he was a Ticat.

It’s a weird game for Calvillo today, don’t know what it is.

Have you been drinking today Earl???

He is a great player. Glad WPG picked him up when nobody else would. BUT, as you know with Glenn, you just never know sometimes. You cringe everytime he gets hit.

His wife is, while Earl is putting away the summer toys in the shed :lol: