Bombers @ Als

Als are 12.5 pt favorites at home.

Some curious stats,

Last 10, both are 6 - 4 playing in October

Bombers are 2 - 0 against the Als last 2 meetings in October

Unfortunately, the Als haven't locked up 1st place yet this year.

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You have to think that the Bombers should have a huge edge on the motivation aspect but will it be enough ? 0-7 road team going to play a 6-1 home team...

But that's why they play the games ! :thup:

.....with Murray Clarke and his gang doing the officiating for this game in Mont....i give this a big 'UH-OH'.....This was the same crew who put a 'screw' into the Bombers last time these two teams met..I hope Higgins has told Ireland to be on his toes for this one....unlike sitting on his hands as it appeared he was doing for the game in Wpg.....and i hope Higgins new eyes are fixed on this game and don't have to look skyward ,if the same kind of officiating is repeated..... 8) 8) :rockin:

How the heck do you get the same crew in consecutive games ?

The CFL is just as screwed up scheduling officials as they are the regular season games, lol.

Can't wait for this one now.

This will be a tough test for the BB'S hopefully they pull this one out, Jyles starting is a good thing and hopefully they can carry the momentum from the 4th QTR last game into this one.


Edmonton would be better for us I think. Better to have the Esks and Lions both with 10 points than the Lions have 12.

Bombers will have to win all 3 phases of the game in order to pull off this upset, and still, catch a few breaks from the oficials.

If by some miracle they do pull it off, I could see them running the table the rest of the way.

I expect us to go 3-1 the rest of the way. This is certainly going to be the toughest of the four remaining games. Montreal is a tough place to play. Like pigseye said, if they pull it off, I wouldn't be surprised to see them run the table.

.....The expectation of the little one can't be too big a distraction....of course Lapo was close at hand during the last game...I think he should hang around and meet the club later...additions to the family are always a wonderous event and he should be there....Even if he misses the next games entirely ,it won't make that much dif. Some of his play-calling was a little suspect in the last meeting with the Als. and i think we would be in good hands with Reed and Baressi calling the shots for the rest of the remaining games...................................(did i sound convincing guys... :? :lol: )

Your information was wrong, papa. Murray Clarke's crew is working the BC-Edmonton game.


I want the playoff race comin' down to the last week of the season!

It also frustrates me that the bombers always play so well at home and then lose winnable games on the road. So i can imagine how much it frustrates you guys.

Going to be a tough game for the Blue - certainly the hardest of their final 4.
That win by Edmonton last night just made the final play off spot more attainable and well within grasp.

Go blue :rockin:

:oops: :oops: ....that's what i get for reading someone elses false info....As soon as i saw that crew on the tube for the B.C./EDM. game i was could these guys be doing our game at the opposite end of the country ,the very next morning :thdn:....I got suckered on that call... :oops:

Well that is a relief.

Poor BC got the shaft from that crew last night. :twisted:

Half time note to all Blue Bomber QB's. Stop throwing to Brock Ralph - he never goes for the ball - let alone fight for it!
We have to have an NI better than this guy.

......WHY????????have we got Ralph Brock on the field.....I could run a btter rolute than that slack-a$$ed poor excuse for a receiver....For the umpteenth time.....this guy is costing you Lapo....wake the hell up :thdn: ....Otherwise our d and o are playing fairly well against the beast of the east :roll: Can we hang on????? :roll:

We will see, but I doubt it.

The play calling has gone from balanced to desperate, with no need for it.

Just too inexperienced to make even the simplest adjustments.

Basically, sums up the entire season.

.....we sure died in that one....Came out like gangbusters and then proceeded to do NOTHING....You won't win many games that way......Tough way to lose after we had a nice comeback going :roll: ...Why do we wait so long to put together some offence........ 2011...tick.... tick...tickin away :thdn:

couldnt agree more. The guy has no field sense and is timid to boot

Because we have no offence, we just have a bunch of big plays and late game heroics.

The play calling is a joke when you have guys like Edwards, Carr, Harris & Reid, all you have to do is get the ball in their hands from 4 or 5 yards away. That's what AC does, with some run sprinkled in, and his play makers do the rest. Throwing bombs to Brock Ralph all the time is the symptom of the disease not the cause.

Mack has put enough talent on the field to win, but the offense and game plan is nonexistant.

Sorry to say but Lapo/Baressi have done a brutal job calling games, that is the common theme all year.