Bombers/Als - Week 2

Sounds like Etienne will be staying in the line-up with Poblah out again this week. Als open as 7 1/2 point favs.

Got to wonder how much longer the Bombers are going to hang on to that Kito ?

a while im sure.

seriously? for 3 years you crap all over etienne, now you are gonna crap on kito who is injured?

gimme a break already

YOUR also team would have lost if it wasnt for turnovers that lead to 13 als points

you think the als played so well?

13 points directly off turnovers. THINK AGAIN.

Calm down. Bomber fans are losing patience with Poblah. Why are you attacking Hfx for simply wondering about how long Mack will keep Poblah around?

Also, the Bombers scored points off turnovers too (7, I think). All that proves is both teams made mistakes but the Als played just well enough to win.

Kito missed 17 games in year one 4 games last year and is starting his third season on the injured list. He's in the last season of his contract. I don't know what a GM offers a player with his health history ? Doubt he will be protected in the expansion draft either.

With changes in the organization likely coming at the end of the season, Poblah had better get himself healthy and prove he's worth the investment because he obviously hasn't to this point.

Exactly. Etienne's nice showing in game one isn't helping to secure Poblah's roster spot either.

The Bomber fans have nothing to worry about. We've got HfxTC and disciplineandpunish to explain everything and tell us what the team should do. These two have all the answers. Thanks guys :roll:

Don't forget their buddy Dummer_God :roll:

:lol: You're welcome. :D

So instead of talking Bomber football with other team fans you'd rather have your marbles rubbed by TC23 ? :cowboy: :cowboy:

Oh geezus. Clearly your extrapolation skills still need work. Dan's merely saying what we're all thinking about you two know-it-alls

There I go, touching those nerves again.

Only nerves being touched here seem to belong to Bomber fans. I have no idea why you all get so het up about fans of other teams offering their opinions. Really don't. Especially in the case of Poblah where I have seen Bomber fans saying the exact same thing. :lol:

Calling someone a know-it-all because he/she has a different opinion and happens to support another team is hilariously juvenile.

It's a bomber forum genius.

Your snide little comments are at best rude.

Kito's not going anywhere. Watson hasn't been able to play a full year. Etienne has started exactly one game and had one big catch. Hardly a guarantee that he supplants Kito full time. The door is open for Etienne but even then no way they let Kito go for nothing, especially considering the depth there is no so great. I'm sure Kito will have his chance at some point this year. If Etienne goes on to have a good year, maybe he's one of the guys exposed to Ottawa in the dispersal draft but he's not likely to get dumped during the season.

[url=] ... 074420.pdf[/url]

The Bombers depth chart for tomorrow.

Dunn still in for Sears.

....I'm getting a little worried about Sears..seems to be injury prone like Poblah...Dunn looks like a nice replacement but is a little green... If he keeps getting playing time, though, he won't be.....Dunn is a keeper. :wink:

Well, at least it isn't a new injury with Sears. Just recovery from offseason surgery.

I agree about Dunn. He started to get better as the game went on.

If certain posters can’t speak to each other in a civil manner, I’d suggest just not speaking to each other. :thup:

Now back to discussing the Week 2. Gooo team! :rockin: