Bombers-Als Preseason Game 2 Discussion

Your thoughts?

From all accounts, Calvillo looked very rusty, Brady didn't impress, and MacPherson tore it up again. Duval had a terrible night going 0/3 on field goals (why are we using an import slot at the placekicker position again?).

Good news is that the D seems to have done a good job against the Bombers' 1st and 2nd stringers.

After last night, how do you NOT keep MacPherson as the third-string QB?

mcpherson had most touchdowns and most rushing yards! exactly what a cfl qb needs.keep as future starter mayb even this season. also losing by 3 after missing 3 field goals gives me hope that we can beat the blue bombers in the regular season. duval just was field goals away

Well if Brady keeps pulling up lame, we may seee MacPherson as second string.....

I have been quite impressed with Macpherson as well.
AC did seem rusty but he has been off for quite a while

You have to be careful comparing QB's. Calvillo played the starting defense. Macpherson didn't in either game. Also ha hasn't faced blitzing schemes yet also.

I like him but right now if Brady goes on the disabled list. I'd rather have Banks as #2.

They didn't play Leak. I don't think they really had any intentions of playing him, they probably said they would to test his character.

Potential cuts

Brian Bratton
Jamal Richardson
Joel Wright
Mike Imoh
Dave Stala
Brad Smith
Rodney Hardaway
Randy Hand
Chris Jennings
Bryan Whitaker
Jimmy Sutton 3rd
Ricky Santos
Chris Leak
Jeff Robertshaw
Jesse Mahelona

Practice Squad
Paul Woldu
DeAndre Jackson
Robbie Powell

You think they'll cut Richardson and Imoh? I was quite looking forward to seeing those two healthy and productive in 2008.

Makes me laugh or wonder when I see some of the cuts suggested.

For instance, Jeff Perrett is a young-24- non-import OL,a future star who will be our left tackle; Hardaway is already gone; Stella will be on the 46 man roster,along with Woldu. Donovan Alexander,who was released by Seattle, will soon be on the 46 man roster. Whitaker -Brandon and not Bryan- will be our RB during the absence of Payton,who will be on the injury list. Bratton will make the team.

Cuts that I anticipate,along with some suggested, are: Pascal Masson,Reggie Hunt -he was awful last night; not at close to $100,000.00-or Corey Jenkins,Kai Ellis,possibly Avon Cobourne,Shawn Gallant,Van Zeyl or Karhut, Elijah Thurmon,unless he's on injury list.

The 3 QB will be: Calvillo,McPherson and Banks,since Brady is injured; once Brady returns, Banks will be gone,

We may keep only 1 Import RB,until Payton returns; he will be Brandon Whitaker. If 2, the other will be Cobourne; if he's not retained, it will be to make room for an additional import DB or WR or DL.Injury to Kashama will dictate if we keep 4 or 5 DL.

We will know soon and I expect a few surprises if not a trade or two.


Thurmon is not getting cut, he's injured currently, and was a reliable, big inside target last season. Considering our thinness at DE, I'd be surprised to see Ellis cut. Cobourne is one of those multipurpose players who are more valuable in the SMS era -- he can cover on special teams, return punts, and play running back.

First lets get things right…My post says “potential cuts” I haven’t seen training camp and have no expertise to claim who should be cut…so please Richard read carefuly before putting words in my mouth.

So laugh all you want it dosen’t say “suggested cuts” it says "potential cuts.

There are a lot of guys there I hope stay but with roughly 80 players on the roster and even with injured lists, the Als can’t realisticaly keep any more then 57 or 58 guys around that still leaves 22 guys out. Some will be heart breakers. Some of these guys didn’t even play in pre-season games…