Bombers Als GDT

Just getting underway. I actually like the Als new helmets. White works a lot better than the Silver. Bombers uni's look sharp too. Glad they went back with the classic look.

I don't understand how the Bombers can make money but the Argos can't?

The Bombers usually average 26k+ for their games and their tickets are probably a bit more expensive. I can easily see how they make money.

Really? I'm surprised.

Edit : I just looked. The Argos tickets look much more expensive. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Argos don't get naming rights, probably don't get the $5 Million or so in sponsorship that the Bomber get.
I noticed last night at BMO there were 6 empty private suites and I didn't see a club seat section also there were at least 6 empty rows just below the press box which would be the $100 plus seats.
The Bombers probably have twice a many season ticket holders, the Argos will probably be counting on individual ticket sales.

Fair enough, Jim. Thanks for the info.


If you were going to estimate the Argos bottom line (not including playoff/Grey Cup money), how much do you think they will lose in 2016?

Dressler is hurt, looks like a concussion. Both guys did exactly what you're not supposed to do, and lowered their heads.

That didn't take long - - halfway through the 1stQ and little Weston Dressler is already KTFO'd.

As I explained to Rider Fan numerous times last season, it's a terrible idea to try and start a pair of receivers that are 5'6" or less.

You can hide one but not two of them.

Having been a fan only since 2009, I had no idea this was the classic look for the Bombers but wow do I like it so much better than that purple! I remember seeing them in both purple and in royal blue since 2009.

And yes right on about the Al's new white helmets too.

Getting a concussion has little to do with being 5'6", and everything to do with lowering your helmet into an opponent. Dressler was fairly durable in his time in Saskatchewan.

This is professional football Musty - - not rec league flag football.

It was a beautiful textbook tackle by the Montreal defender. A puss defender will dive low for a guys ankles or wave at him like a matador - - when you're playing grown man football you drop your shoulder and lead with your helmet.

I understand the last point made, but what does any of the rest have to do with a the prospect of a concussion?

When heads are lowered, any player of any size can be affected similarly.

Low hits happen no doubt at all levels of play, but that fact does not make them right including when the head is lowered.

And hitting a man low on a tackle is also part of strategy as a defender, and it is not an issue anyway at any level of football, so long as you keep that head up and lead with the shoulder.

When a little 5'6" guy drops his shoulder, his head it's about waist level of where a 6'4" guy would be after dropping his shoulder.

You can make plenty of big hits while keeping your head up. You're never taught at any level of football to lower your head. We see it a lot, and there's a reason it's a penalty.

Exactly. If height as some sort of disadvantage in this regard is the implication of that post, that point is heavy BS no doubt.

Yes but as long as his head is still up when making the hit, who cares!

Size at QB, for example, is no kind of guarantee against injury. Reilly is a big guy and he's spent his share of time on the IR. Injuries can happen to anyone.

Weather delay, damn. Delays in the first 2 games so far.