Bombers Als Game Thread

Given that he's struggled mightily since the second quarter, why hasn't Osaisai been sent to the sidlelines and we get a look at Gainey?

Loved the game by Lavoie
HAS to be good for the team

Nice to see AC do well
Hopefully he won't coast for another 5 losses

Who would have guessed they'd put up over 40 points?
Oh yah....
Nice to see the offense lead us to a win

The defence still needs some work
Part of the rash of PI calls is the lack of QB pressure on a lot of downs
Need to work on our blitz packages

But 1st and foremost:

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Oh And Great Job Brandon Whitaker

He had Bratton fumble, Bratton drop, Green drop, Richardson drop, and no field position all game, but still finished with 400+ passing yards, 3 TDs, 0 interceptions, and a completion percentage above 70%, playing against one of the best defenses in the league. Try to rise above your hatred and be objective here.

Okay, so great to get the win. The bad news is we only have one functioning unit, the offense. The defense generated no pressure until garbage time and made one of the league’s worst offenses looks like a world-beater, even with a reconstituted O-line. Osasai was exposed all night, and Reinebold played soft zone when he should have played man, and then inexplicably played man at the end of the game when we SHOULD have been in zone prevent mode. Our second and long coverage is once again abysmal. How do you let the other team convert 2nd and 18 into a 30+ yard gain? I am not convinced. I think we have the personnel on D, but I am not sold on what Reinebold is doing.

Special teams … is there anything left to say? I think those two extra penalties at the end of the game (procedure before punt, then illegal punt out of bounds) were Bischoff saying, “Hey guys, don’t savour that win too long. Here are some crap preventable penalties to remind you that a total incompetent is in charge of special teams!”

We can’t block for Guy or Devine.
We can’t cover punts – another punt-return TD given up.
We can’t go one play without taking a penalty, whether holding (check), objectionable conduct (check), illegal punt (check), no yards (check), or procedure (check).

I cannot remember seeing a CFL special team unit that is this consistently awful. If Andy Bischoff is still employed at the end of the season, I no longer trust the judgment of Trestman or Popp.

Whitaker, well done. :thup:

The bigger question is: why didn’t Parker move back inside to halfback, so that Osasai would be at less risk of being exposed on the corner? In this league, your defensive halfbacks see most of the action.

Losing Anderson definitely was a problem
Hopefully the team wil adjust

It was fantastic to see Whitaker with mojo in his step again. I guess Calgary must have been an aberration. He looked razor-sharp tonight, running with authority and lowering his shoulder to grind out extra yards when he needed to.

And who wouldn't like Lavoie scoring his first CFL touchdown in front of a home crowd? Kid is a pretty good receiver. If he can learn to block, we shouldn't miss Carter at all.

Offense, it is the Montreal Alouettes we all love.

Defense, are they on the run on clocking the most yardage on penalties?

Special team, what special team?

Attendance, guess full house is out of the question anymore?

What's worrisome to me is that we barely got any pressure on Pierce until late in the game, when the outcome was essentially decided. Winnipeg was running a patchwork O-line with a rookie in the middle. A good pass rush should have eaten that line up. We couldn't get to Pierce in time, and we let him settle into a rhythm far too often with those quick slants.

On the plus side, our run D was definitely improved. Dorzon ripped off that 28-yarder, but apart from that, it was 6 rushes for 22 yards -- nothing special, really.

Mullinder with 2 tackles, Jenkins with 1 tackle, 1 sack, no other linemen with stats on the night. Hunt was invisible, as was Bekasiak except for catching that TD from McPherson.

21 and 23 were pretty brutal tonight.

Just got back and the rain just begins. Long, hot, muggy night.

I was surprised that the attendance was 21,000 because it felt like more.

Impact have announced that they will be readjusting their prices due to the poor fan turnout, alouettes should do the same.

Happy for Lavoie, his first TD. Happy for Whitaker named player of the game shedding the east semi goat horns.

Happy for Calvillo and McPherson.

Overall just happy.

Nice to see Bratton rebounding after an awful start -- fumble and drop. I'm still not seeing enough from our wideouts, though. Jamel is always a slow starter, and with the knee sprain in TC, is still rounding into form. Green was hesitant early but finished with 100+ yards. London and Deslauriers need to step up. The only time I noticed Deslauriers, frankly, was when he was ineffectually throwing an arm out on kick cover teams. If it didn't affect ratio, I'd cut him tomorrow TBH. He's been given every opportunity to be a bigger contributor offensively and has failed to do much of anything.



thought the crowd looked a little “thin” in the upper decks

Is that a recent record low?

It's the lowest crowd since the stadium upped to 25,012 but it's still more than the 20,202 we always used to have at much lower prices.

dunno if there will be more or less thursday, winning should help but ticket prices need to be revised immediately.

The good news is even at 21,016 it was noisy and fun. Pierce had his hands on his helmet in the 4th quarter clearly bothered by the crowd. Last year's 22,317 opener felt like less because there were sections like N2 that were completely empty. At least the crowd is better spread throughout the stadium.

Buses were slow and man it was just freakin' hot. Surprised the players made it through the whole game.

It’s really too bad for Deslauriers. Wish he could contribute more. Lavoie is just the fullback we needed and i saw Brouillette on the sidelines a bit too much for my taste while Osaisai was getting licked. Cox played the safety position as well as Boulay would have.

This was quite a turn around from last week. Calvillo passed to all receivers but, he and Whitaker were a great duo and deserve credit for the good offensive showing. They were a great team each complimenting each other. The screens and short passing game just picked WPeg apart. Our offensive line was great in giving AC time to pass ( he is still quick in delivering the ball) and opening holes for Whitaker to blast through and, run around opposing defenders. Losing Anderson was a tough break- as noted Osaisai struggled. Pierce is a good QB with both the run and the pass, our defensive team displayed a good effort in securing the win. Rod Davis showed well along with Cox, Parker and others. Rookie Lavois impressed. All in all, this was a good show.

I’m out of pity and patience with him. He has the physical tools but evidently isn’t a good enough route-runner to create separation, nor does he have the will and the hands to make the tough catches in traffic when we need them. I can live with Jamel or S.J. dropping the odd pass, because we KNOW they can deliver in the crunch. Deslauriers has proven nothing in this league for five years, and this is how he plays? What a bust.

Lavoie is just the fullback we needed
And for an example of a Canadian kid who knows what's at stake, look no further than Lavoie. He showed more in one game than I think Deslauriers has shown in five years.

People ragged on Popp for his draft selections this year, but we signed all of our guys and our highest-ranked pick scored a TD last night. :thup:

and i saw Brouillette on the sidelines a bit too much for my taste
I think Brouillette could do more in this defense. The question is where you play him. Rod Davis asserted himself last night at WILL, Emry has the middle, and nobody is taking Chip away from his office at SAM.

Just finished watching the game and it was nice to see improvments in some areas. There were some flashes of what I think the coaching staff saw during training camp. Here are some of my observations, some obvious and some not so obvious.

Calvillo: 31 for 39 with 6 drops ! Only one bad pass thrown. Overthrow in the end zone to Green. The arm was there, the pocket accuity, reads were amazingly fast. Lucky not to dislocate a shoulder or break an arm or ribs on that slide.

Brandon Whitaker: To put a game like that in that heat/humidity takes a lot of heart and amazing conditioning. The kid was "perfect" out there.

Adrian Mcpherson: That TD pass on the Bomber goal line was the turning point of the game. Not too many QB's can make that pass against the grain on the run. That was pure talent.

Lavoie: Kid showed plenty of confidence. Lots of growth to come in that guy. Nice job Jim Popp...

Chip Cox: Again last night was all over the ball all night long.

Davis: Two turnovers in the first half

Defensive line for not losing contain on Piere once all night. They clued in on game plan quickly and didn't let up.
On the Buck Pierce fumble that was Mullinder clipping him from under the pile while on his back.

Now the ugly

Special teams: I am not going to comment. We all seen the same thing. I'm just going to enjoy the win.

Osaisai and Williams: Over 100 yards in pass interference and 14 points. I know it was bad but Matthews is a HELL of a receiver and Osaisai had not first team reps and no practice time with Dwight getting injured in practice so we have to give them a pass but I sure hope Estelle can make a recovery. It is CLEAR in my mind that he is better than those two guys. Jim should stay real close to Estelle...

Bombers: Their secondary is still superb but their front seven is nowhere near what it was last season. Washington and Matthews are great finds and potential ROY and future Allstars in this league. Their oline and running game is killing them.

Now some of the things that were a problem again.

Drops: We didn't see Deslauriers getting thrown to after his bad game but last night but we still had multiple problems there. Not going to harp on Bratton's fumble. That was a great hit by JJ and after his other misshap (drop) he put a better game together the rest of the way. London wasn't thrown to much but he was clealy more focus and physical last night than in game one. SJ had a drop as well. Very Tough to concentrate in that heat but they still have a lot of work to do. As crazy as it sounds Calvillo could have been 37/39 last night had our receivers been on their A game.

Overall superb effort in incredibly tough conditions and if they keep working that hard, we solidify that corner spot, get our injured players back and our receivers fix their concentration errors. I can see what our coaches can see. Bishof and ST I've given up on. Till we get a new STC and Trestman puts his foot down and ties playing time on O and D with performance on ST things won't improve.

Barnburner in BC last night, looks like the ticats are improving. Stamps can do us a favor today and help make us alone in first place.

On Osasai and Williams versus Estelle, they'd have looked better if our pass rush had gotten to Pierce faster. We're still giving the QB too much time in the pocket for intermediate and deep routes to develop. Like I said before, I don't know why Parker isn't moving inside with Anderson out of the lineup. He's a superior cover DB, he played inside his first two years here, and he's a veteran. Move him inside, kick Osasai (or Gainey) out to the wide-side corner, and things should improve.

On the plus side, Parker and Brown played lockdown defense at their respective positions.

Well you must also remember that, due to the presence of Osaisai and Williams, the Bombers weren't throwing much against Brown or Paker. So there wasn't really all that much for them to 'shut down.'

I agree about moving Parker back inside. In the CFL, most teams have their most dangerous receivers at slot and not at WR, so your halfbacks are, usually, more important than your corners. So yes, move Parker back inside while Anderson's out. If they insist on not doing that, then give Gainey the next game; he looked decent on ST coverage, and he can't be worse than Osaisai (can he ?).

I found Reinebold's D to be rather complex yesterday. It's an oversimplification to say Davis at WILL, Cox at SAM, and Emry in the middle. Most all game we were in a 3/4, with Davis and Ingram outside, Emry in the middle, and Cox all over the damn place. Reinebold used Cox much the same way that Richie Hall used to use Kitwana Jones in Saskatchewan, putting him all over the field so you just never knew from play to play where he'd be or what/who his responsibility was. . . only difference was that Jones would occasionally line up on the D Line, and Cox never did that. . .maybe next game !