Bombers Als Game Thread

O looking much better on their first drive, until they got to the 1 yard line. Can not get the yard on the ground three times while McPherson at the helm.
Thankfully he manages to find the big man Bekasiak in the end zone on a 3rd down gamble. Phew.

Bratton.... ugh.

AC chucking some ball so far tonight. Play action with Whitaker too.

GREAT to see the old man on his game this week

:thup: :thup:

If we can only get someone who can kickoff and punt

and some pressure on the &^%^%$^ quarterback

EVERY point the Bombers have put up
Is on the Special Teams
SOMEONE Please get rid of Bischoff!!!!


That last return was BRUTAL
Plus a bloody penalty

1st and ten on the 13


At least they managed to get to mid field before the half.

On defence, we've been in a 3/4 pretty much all half. Usually, it's Ingram and MadRod Davis outside; Emry in the middle, and they're moving Chip Cox all over the place. . .

Still wish we'd get some pressure on Pierce, though.

Osaisai was good in the first quarter but had a rough second quarter. Can't blame Winnipeg though for going after him; beats throwing against Jerald Brown at the other half. Williams has held his own, and as with Brown, the Bombers are sure staying away from Parker.

Offensively, we're fine, as long as the receivers SECURE THE FRACKIN BALL. Bratton with a fumble after a big gain, then a drop of a perfectly catchable pass on first down. Green with a drop on what would have been a conversion for a first down.

Defensively, I don't like how much zone we play. We have the horses to jam, why aren't we going man more often? And how long will it take Reinebold to counter that stupid slant Winnipeg's been running all game?

But really, special teams is going to lose us this game. I give up. I really do. Absolutely brutal from start to finish. If we're not almost getting Whyte's punt blocked, we're taking holding or objectionable conduct penalties, so that our offense starts inside our 20. And we're letting Winnipeg rip off big returns. It's pathetic. Winnipeg barely has to do anything. Pick up a couple of first downs and hey! Suddenly you're in field goal range. For us, the offense has to take the weight of the frackin world on its shoulders because we are incapable of giving them even AVERAGE field position. And we continue to let Winnipeg kick the ball after field goals? Bah. Take the ball on the 35 and cut your losses. Though I'm sure Bischoff will find a way to have his unit take a penalty on that as well. :oops: :x

Calvillo has played like a champ so far, he deserves better than to have his receivers fumble, or drop catchable balls, and he deserves better than starting SEEMINGLY EVERY GODDAMN DRIVE AT THE 15-YARD LINE.

No imagination or sufficient O-line push on running plays, either. Thank God Whitaker is having a good game in spite of that!

Bischoff must GO
He’s singlehandedly lost this game
(assuming we lose)

Did well 1st quarter
Been anemic since
Don’t exagerrate

Well, it looks like it is indeed going to be a looooong season! Talk to you guys later this week.

If nothing else
At least Duval could tackle a guy
When a bad punt set him free


Wow. . . a SACK by Montreal !

ST is just plain awful…

What’s with Richardson and the dropsy’s…

AC over 400 yards passing and counting...

Lavoie looking good too.