BOMBERS/ALS. game day thread/ Aug. 19

....I hope we don't get destroyed....If we leave Mont. without 2 points but keep our respectability...that will be a small victory...Now that Jyles is guiding this ship....he can do a lot to secure his future...go BigBlue :thup: :rockin:

I'm expecting a shootout in this one. I think the bombers keep it close for 3 quarters but the als pull away a little bit in the 4th. I wouldn't be surprised to see an upset though. :thup:

I can handle 31 20 , but the Als are fired up and hopefully we get a break early, kick return or a Mtl turnover ! Hopefully the mental mistakes are cleaned up and our secondary realizes that if somebody is 10 steps behind you, the play may not end on a positive note !

call me crazy, delushional or whatever.. i also expect a shootout and because not a single person (ok maybe theres a couple who beleive) beleives we can pull it off, im gonna say we pull off the upset. i see something like 55-48 or something. last play jyles to bowman td or something along those lines. id like to say palardy kicks the game winning fg with no time left but... the td would be better :stuck_out_tongue:

really do beleive that we pull this one off, regardless, since most ppl expect us to lose, it should mean that if we do lose that there is very little whining this week since most expect us to be killed.

ive said it b4, we match up better with sask and montreal than every other team in this league. we have a very high powered offense, as do they, our d has issues, so do theirs, its gonna come down to who makes the least amount of mistakes. i just hope the bombers dont get screwed cuz of some bs call or non call tonight.

our dline should be able to dominate tonight, and i think our db's and lb's are gonna step up and make some plays.

just get that feeling.. normally when most ppl dont beleive, the bombers shock us. i beleive they will tonight.

sure the als lost last week and they havent lost at home in like 12 games but that streak cant last forever so why the heck not... go bombers. show the experts and bandwagon fans who are already jumping off that anything is possible in the cfl.

You hit the nail on the head, let's hope these little mental errors are fixed and they should be because LaPo has spent the week working with the team on these very same mental mistakes we speak of and not in a kind way as anyone can see if they were watching the practices, to say LaPo was pi$$ed is an understatement, he was furious and judging by the way he ran the drills he was not to happy with the stupid offsides, dropped balls and missed tackles because that was what they worked on the most.

As for tonight EVERYONE is expecting us to get destroyed and that may just be what this team needs, go in with a fight or die trying attitude and play a solid road game, win or lose as long as we are competetive at least we can go into the bye week with our spirits a little higher. Now imagine what a win would do for the mindset of the player's? If we can pull off a win it could be the turning point of the season. Player's need to keep there heads in the game and realize that there is 60 minutes of football to be played, execute the game plan and than i think we will be fine.

Would like to see us try push the game upfield. MTL has taken a large number of pass interference calls this year, time to keep the pressure on their defensive backfield. Need to keep their Bowman at bay and give Jyles time to find his receivers. I think our front 4 should be able to get some pressure on Calvillo but will need to be able to keep him from scrambling for those extra yards. If we can get an early lead, we have a shot.

....first quarter is a bust......nobody standing out on offence or defence :lol: ..boy have we got a lot of holes :cry:

LMFAO..... uhmmm ok then

Still thinking that?

Bowman's clutch eh?

…Bowman better play for someone else…smiley is a bust … bring in the new receiver…Too many drops by laughing boy :thdn:…This is turning out worse than i thought…pitiful…Start up the airlift…i feel the crossover slipping away :thdn: :thdn: :lol:…This is CFL FOOTBALL :lol:

....WHERE THE HECK IS EVERYONE ELSE.....too embarassed by this show i guess...i don't blame ya :thdn:

...Why are we patting the opposition on the back...laughing and it's like we don't give a crap....Bring back the ol Bomber football cuz this b.s. is shameful... :thdn:

Give it time Papa. Jyles looks real good. A couple top notch receivers and a kicker and this team would be competitive.

Well, i thought the Bombers had three good receivers in TJH, Edwards and Bowman. But now i'm not sure about Bowman, i can see why they're bringing in an experienced receiver.

Palardy isn't very good on kickoffs...........

....i've been giving it years :lol: ....oh i don't give-up....just give shite when i believe it's deserved...We finally made a field-goal....that's a positive.... :thup: ... :roll:

We've told you for two years Bowman can't catch, and you thought we were trolling.

He does just enough to make you believe....and then he breaks your heart. He's never changed.'a boy Jovon......we have life :thup:

The als got nothing, the only way they score is if they're defence or special teams makes a play.

Looks like we're in for a pretty good finish.

Spoke too soon there jordan

Shows how little i know…

When Brock Ralph is your best receiver, things are generally not going to go very well.