.......If the argo game was a 'watershed game'....this could be the 'still going up stream game' I guess....Have to keep it rolling and break 500 but I wouldn't be taking the Als. lightly...They surprised the heck out of the Redblacks their last time out so I hope we're prepared....Was reading an article on our rejuvenated O Line...Nichols was never sacked...or get this...even touched in the argo game....WHOAH...Is this the same bunch...They were also playing with a replacement in Foketi and now Hardrick, who is no slouch, is back in for this one Friday...Looks like we got Adams back on D but Dress is still out and Smith,,,,Should be a good game as the Als. are trying to keep their one game success going...I hope we don't come back from the bye too complacent.. :roll:

I think the break came at just the right time. Heal some bruises and give the troops some time to reflect on how good it is to win. Montreal might be getting surprised by us this time. I am looking forward to the game and that is really good.

The key factor will be how the Bombers handle Glenn. Kevin has been around forever, and there is a pretty well established MO on him....

The wrong way:

Back off the receivers and give Glenn uncontested targets, in the ball control passing game. KG is very good at reads and getting the ball off quickly.

The right way:

Tight man coverages - contest the short stuff and force Glenn to pull the ball down and hold it a bit longer. Scrunch the pocket and force him to scramble.

Interesting point of view. I don't disagree with it, necessarily, but here's our OC talking about what went right for Montreal against Ottawa:

“Every week we feel confident with the game plan we put together. We had a good feeling they were going to play a lot of man, like the week before, and that stayed true,? Calvillo explained. “All the stuff we practised carried over. They stayed in man. Things just worked for us."

Should be a great game. I have a lot of respect for Ritchie Hall and I know he'll have some tricks up his sleeve.

Hard to figure this Als team TBH. I heard Carter was held out of practice yesterday but I haven't seen if the arbiter finally made a decision on his suspension. I'm guessing he plays and having Stafford back will be a big plus for the Als. TBH I don't know what to make of the Als. Their offense came alive last week vs the Redblacks, but the Redblacks secondary has been giving up yards and points in their recent slide. So have the Als turned a corner or was that last win a bit of a mirage? Hopefully the week off hasn't taken away from the groove the Bombers were in. Really looking forward to this game. We've had some great ones with the Als over the years.

It sure IS nice to to be looking forward to this game, especially knowing we have a good chance to win. We're in 'new feeling' territory.

At least we aren't meeting an angry team that just got blown out. That happened too often to the Bombers in the last few years.

.....I think the game will be close and could come down to special teams....Bombers get the edge there with Medlock kicking, as well our downfield coverage has improved immensely since O'Sniff has taken over...It's finally starting to pay dividends...Our O Line has got their act together and against the Als. front four, we're going to have to be on our best game...Another key is to pressure Glenn...make him throw before he can get into his quick release act..He gets picked a lot of times when you force his play..Als. running game will have improved with Sutton but our D upfront have been tough to run against lately,,Like I said previously, it should be close and the team taking the least amount of flags as well as special team performance should come out on top.

These Bombers are FOR REAL !

Glenn with 4 picks.

Medlock 6/6 on FG. Punting was OK as there were no big returns but flubbed a couple kicks.

Score was close up until late in the 4th.

Sutton held to 33 yards on 10 carries according to the stats page when running the ball, had a nice game receiving though.

Care to share some lotto numbers?

…All facets of our game get better every time out…Nichols is a steadying influence on this club and if he can keep it up,O’Shea will have a lot more to smile about… :smiley: Gotta luv it.