The Bombers open up 2 1/2 point underdogs versus the hometown Alouettes. Apparently, early money has pushed the line to 3 at some locations, which makes betting the Bombers a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned. If Troy Smith doesn't improve his play significantly from his first two starts this year, the Als will have themselves a QB controversy in the coming weeks. In addition, their defense, while playing well last week, won't get the Lions pathetic o-line to maul this time around, despite the injury to Greaves. Add it all up and we've got a great opportunity for a Winnipeg road win to extend the unbeaten streak to three! :smiley:

.....Still very little confidence in the Bombers by some....guess we'll have to show them :wink:

Montreal's D will pose a good challenge for the Bombers O as overall they've been pretty decent on defense. The sacked and harassed Glenn and the Lions into many sacks and a couple INTs leading to points. And Bowman was an absolute beast. Marcel B and Willy have been very good drawing up and executing game plans the first 2 weeks which spread the ball around and get everyone involved though which will make it tougher for Ds to key on a single player.

Their offense on the other hand is a huge work in progress. Smith was marginally better since the season opener vs the Lions, but he's still struggling to complete 50% of his passes and is averaging 170 yrds passing per game over the first 2 weeks of the season with 0 TDs. He'll have a break out game at some point I think but not this week. No Duron Carter. Containing Whitaker, who has historically given the Bombers problems, will force them to rely on Smith even more and increase the Bombers advantage.

Sounds like an import filling in for Greaves at LG? Goosen I think held his own but maybe after this weekend they don't want to expose him this early to having to face Bowman over and over. I wonder how they will shuffle the ratio if Howard does indeed start. Maybe they go with Denmark and Moore most of the time with Guidino and Kohlert at receiver and FB/TE sets featuring more of Pontbriand and Fitzgerald? Kelly would them be rotating with Denmark and Moore.

Prediction - better opposition D leads to fewer points but still enough to get a W thanks to the lack of opposition offense. 24-13.

If we stop the run, we stop the Bombers. I'm expecting a good game.

While I'll agree that would go along way in beating us, this isn't like the past couple years where stopping the run game all but put a nail in our coffin. If anything I think it's the reverse that is true (if we stop Whitaker - we stop the Al's). I think we are a lot more multi dimensional than the Al's right now who are struggling offensively. I'd like to see us test the Al's secondary - they did give up a lot of big plays in week 1.

On a side note, anyone know what's up with the big group huddle at the end of the games? First week I thought there was an injury as both teams were down on their knees and huddled together. It happened again last week with both teams, I can only assume they are doing a group prayer?? This hasn't happened before has it?
But I do love that we are able to get on the field again (I use to as a kid). It was cool to see the stadium from down there, and getting pics with the cheerleaders also wasn't bad! :lol:

Very happy for Bomber fans. Always been a fan of Mike O'Shea and its a joy to watch the transformation of that team.

No kidding. After the last few years, a healthy, winning Bomber team is really nice to see.

It's actually pretty common for players on both sides to huddle up on one knee in a group prayer at the end of games. They don't usually cover it specifically but you can see it going on in the background during some post game interviews on the field.

As for stopping Grigsby and the run game, IMO the bombers have used early passing success to open up the run game, not vice versa. I think a good chunk of the yards eaten up by Grigsby have come in the 2nd half, particularly against Ottawa. I'm expecting the Als to bring early heat to try to keep Willy from getting into any sort of groove with his receivers rather than focusing on the run game. Run D has been one of their strengths as they've managed to do a good job on Cornish in week 1 and basically stoned Harris and Logan in week 2. The main difference in a win or a loss for them has been the pass D.

In the first half of the game in week one, the Als had one breakdown in coverage cost them a huge catch-and-run TD reception to Mo Price. In the second half, they just wore down from being on the field too long. Pass D is not an issue for the Als IMO. It's the offence, first, last, and always.

I didn’t say the pass D was atrocious, just that given how well the Als have played the run, our best bet to win will likely be through the air. That and we can’t allow the Als D to help their O out by getting points on the board via turnovers.

That, for sure. By and large, this is a difficult defence to run on.

That and we can't allow the Als D to help their O out by getting points on the board via turnovers.
Which is pretty much the only shot WE have at winning. :P If we can pressure Willy into a few early mistakes, it might be just what we need to scrape out a win.

Mind you, Troy Smith had to leave practice today because of a recurring knee issue, so I’m not sanguine about my Als’ chances TBH.

Smith not playing would give the Als a better shot at winning. Bombers will be keying on stopping the run and Smith won't likely make them pay with his arm. Tanner Marsh might....

Als are in a weird situation. Brinx was the better of the two in camp, yet Marsh is "labeled" #2. So if Smith can't practice tomorrow, the Als should turn the team over to one of Brinx or Marsh for this week's game. If the backup whoever that is has a big game then we have a bit of a situation happening in Montreal.

Brink would be a good game manager and IMO would give the Als the best chance to win. Marsh can be streaky good and streaky bad, all in the same game, and when he's forcing things he's more prone to making a mistake. I would rather they play Marsh.

That is so us the last few years. :lol:
Suspect OC, many fired coaches still on payroll, stable of QB's with little experience, QB controversy, decent D getting tired from many 2 & outs......It's going to be a long year for you guys. The key will be keeping the team gelled together and not have a split in the dressing room or with the coaches. Is someone like Chad Johnson going to be able to put up with a lot of losing and still be a team player?

I always thought Brink would have been the guy, but he just didn't seem to inspire any confidence when he was out there. In fact you could feel the momentum be sucked from the team with the stalled drives. But he is a great short yardage guy and has more experience....

There are big issues, most of them were created by a manic owner but there is still a LOT of talent on that ball club at least for now. I don't see this team dipping to 2 and 3 win seasons at least not this year.

Not as long as Popp is still GM at any rate, but who knows how long he'll stay there. After Hawkins last year, wonder how long he'll put up with Higgins. I don't think it's a personnel issue in MTL. They won last year with a lot of the same guys. Looking at their schedule, Wpg this week, then BC, Tor, Edm. I could see them potentially going 2-4 with that schedule if the O doesn't help out the D soon. Would Higgins be safe if that happens?

Considering Hawkins,Miller,Rychleski,Worman are still on the payroll. Higgins is safe :wink:
If they were to scapegoat someone it would likely be the QB coach Ryan Dinwiddie.

OK, can you or someone else clarify the Miller thing? Herb Z had reported last offseason that Miller had requested, during the 2013 season, to have his two-year contract shortened to one year, which the team did. So then the offseason involved just not re-signing him, which means we're not paying him this year. Was that accurate? I never did figure out what the deal was on Miller's contract.