Bombers agree to terms with CFL All-Star DB Winston Rose

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have agreed to terms with former CFL All-Star defensive back Winston Rose, the team announced on Wednesday.

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This is getting to be head-spinning and nauseating by the Bombers. Tell me why the best team is getting stronger at a time when other teams are in hardship. Can't the CFL do something about this egregious injustice, first a much better field goal kicker, now, a much-improved defence. Here it is Bombers :trophy:.

Nick Taylor, one of the bombers fine defensive backs went down a couple games ago. Then Didrick went down last game. The Big Blue are down to their 7th & 8th DB reserves. Thats why they brought in W. Rose.
btw - if Rose was so good why didn't any of the other CFL GMs make a play on him?