Bombers advance...

...Great game ...and the Bomber fans have to be happy with that exciting win...Got to give the Als. credit...they put up one helluva' fight....GoBigBlue
Go Troy Westwood.... who seems to have found his mojo... :smiley:

Ya Baby!!!
Credit to the Als, they played a good game. Westwood was the best Bomber, man did I feel good for him. Booming punts and went 3 for 4 in FG's. On the miss I thought Berry should have gone for the first down, but oh well. Here's to hoping Westwood can carry that into Toronto!

great game for the big blue.
westwood made a 'wrong' a 'right'.

Much respect to Bombers and esp Bomber D. Good show by Brady tho.

Good luck against the Double Blue.

thanx boys. it was a great game and the defence stepped up everytime it had to. bring it on TO bring it on

thanks for ridding us of this 8-10 team.

I felt if there could be an upset this weekend, it'd be with Montreal. Good game. Unfortunately, I only saw the second half. It was definitely a nail-biter!

Brady has built a whole career on "looking good while losing."

Ya but theres no hope in winning in Hamilton anyway...

I'm not arguing that. However Brady has played 2 years in Hamilton, and 3 years combined in Toronto/Montreal which have been winning teams for many years - except when he has played.

"Bomber Advance"....barely...

When you pass for 300 yards, and rush for so many, I don't know how you can say Brady is one reason for the team to have had a losing season.

Anthony Calvillo couldn't even win like he used to with this team. No offense either, but no QB could of won with the Ti-Cats in the seasons he played there. And for Toronto, he didn't play too often.

This season, helped Brady, and I think he developped into a good QB. He made great decisions, and bought a lot of time in the pocket for his receivers to get open and drop the ball.

...guess you didn't...

Hope to see the Riders vs the Bombers in the grey cup. Good game and best of luck.