Bombers add two....

…Signed to the practice roster…Import RB Will Ford and Imp. DL Youri Yenga…Some good finds by Mack and co.???Hope so…Strangely no o linemen…Guess we’re willing to suffer the growing pains :roll:

Room on the PR for the RB, not sure about the DL though, kinda of smallish, maybe an end or LB'er, sure looks like a tackling machine though, which the Bombers had some trouble withnot only last game but preseason as well.

Another IMP RB was bound to happen with Garretts injury, regardless of what Dorzon did vs BC IMO, particularly since Simpson and Volny aren't 100% healthy. Not sure why they would bring in another DE at this point. The defensive side of the ball isn't really the side that needs attention right now.

they added boatman to the pr today. Douglas is probably gonna be out for a while..but honestly, i think swiston is an upgrade to douglas so not sure why they brought him back.

The reason why olineman arent added to the PR is because, honestly.. are you gonna go out and sign 5 or 6 american tackles to put on the PR? nope. That seems silly to do that and the reason no canadian olineman were added is simple, There are none out there. not yet atleast.

Swiston better than Douglas? Swiston might very well be once he gets more game time, not quite sure I would agree with that statement just yet though. I will say I think he's a heck of a lot better than Taormina but unfortunately they are going to move Taormina to the RT spot and start him ahead of Swiston with January coming on to the roster at LT. They seem determined to play two import tackles for some reason. The coaches must see something in Taormina that he hasn't shown on the field vs the Ticats or Lions.

You're not going to have 5-6 IMP OLineman on the PR, that's absurd. But if you're starting 2 you need at least 1 around as a backup on the PR. I would agree that its looking like more than a one or two week issue with Douglas now that they have resigned Boatman. I'm guess he was cut in part due to poor conditioning in camp, was given some time to work on it and brought back for depth and another look. And the extra body is added insurance considering January, although good to go, is probably still not at 100%.

right now cory watson is out and the reason i say swiston imo is better than douglas is for ratio purpose (automatically better than taormina, who im not sure what they see in him ). but i guess, i look at it this way.. gotta start 7 canadians minimum..

swiston,morley,sorenson/kowalczuk,greaves <-- 4 canadians
poblah <-- 5. logan <-- 6. labbe/muamba <-- 7

instead of going with kohlert who may be good one day, i'd start adams in his place.

4 american receivers plus poblah i think gives the qb's a better chance out there.

The other plus to that is adams gets a shot and kohlert can dress and backup and can probably play special teams and i just dont see what they see in taormina, for an american tackle, he should be way better than the canadian tackle and IMO he isnt.

stephan is out for the year, they are gonna be dressing i think doneff this week, well why dress him when you can start adams ahead of kohlert and have kohlert and etienne back up the receivers and play some sp teams.

Given the play of the oline and Dorzons struggles to pick up the rushers that breeze through the oline, I wonder whether it might be better to start Pontbriand as FB on offence as the 7th canadian for extra blocking help. An extra blocker would help give the QB more time, take some of the blocking responsiblity off of Dorzon/Simpson and allow them to slip out of the backfield as a receiver.

If they falter again today changes like that will have to be made. Last week was understandable, a repeat performance against a weaker Dline is not acceptable. The offence has got to be productive.
I'd also like to see the D start off strong for a change.......
Biggest game of the year :wink:
Come back with the points, boys!

weaker Dline? They have some talent - Aaron Hunt, Luc Mullinder, and Bowman, although Bowman's out for this game. A bit of a step down from Mitchell, wilson, and in BC, sure but still some quality. But when u throw in the 3 LBs? Montreals front 7 also has Cox, Emery, and Rod Davis which, love em or HATE EM, have some ability also. Those 3 IMO are an upgrade over Bighill (rookie start vs bombers), Anton McKenzie, and Reddick in BC. I think the secondary in MTL is definitely weaker than BC though. I would expect that there will be a fair amount of blitzing from those 7 to try demoralize the bomber oline early on. If the Bombers take the attitude that the defence in MTL is weaker than what the faced in BC they will struggle. I think the lustre on Trestman, Calvillo et al has faded and they aren't the powerhouse they were. It all comes to the Oline again - if they can handle some of the rush and give the QBs a second or two longer to make their reads and for the receivers to get some separation from the DBs, bombers have a great chance to win.

Yes, weaker Dline. We're talking about a team that had a total of 7 sacks last year, and Bowman had 4 of those. Montreal is not BC, you give them too much credit. With January back (albiet, probably not game shape), they shouldn't look as bad as last week. This is why I said if the O struggles again, changes need to be made.

well, weaker MTL Dline - improved WPG OIine - whichever way you call it, Buck did have more time this week. On the flip side, not a great showing by the bomber Dline which had zip for pressure on Calvillo. Now I can see why they added the other Dlineman to the roster.