Bombers add returner, cut Giles

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And I thought myself that Giles was going to be a legend in Winnipeg, showed he had amazing talent after just 1 pre-season game. Typical Mike Kelly.

...just another example of....'we don't know what were doing really',,,but we'll give this guy an extended contract...then cut him loose..I guess he must have told Kelly he wasn't happy on the pr...orrrrrr he pulled a Ramonce Taylor/Armstrong and got his ticket out of town?????This is really becoming quite laughable if it wasn't so tragic....My gawd who have we turned our club over to...

...The returner Otis, looks like he's got some wheels....He says though that he could never get used to the cold weather in Cleveland.....Well that shouldn't be a problem this year, as the BigBlue will most likely be preparing for next year, before the snow flys... :lol: :lol:

With Giles' talent, I doubt it'll be long before another team signs him. Would really like to see him succeed in this league.

Maybe, but who needs a starting rb right now? No one I can think of.

As a Rider fan, I'd like to bring him in for a look, but he'd probably never see the active roster until next year unless Cates gets hurt. Maybe a similar situation behind Mallett in BC, but other than that I don't see where else he'd fit.

:lol: :lol: :lol: all you Giles supporters, when i said at season start that releasing Smith was bad and that Giles is not all that, where is he now? Kelly's time with the Bombers should be ending real soon, I would say shortly after Labour Day game as we all know whats going to happen then. What a joke he has made of this team, very sad for any Bomber fans

i still dont think releasing smith for giles was a big mistake, smith was expensive and giles looked good... thats football. i dont think giles was given proper opportunity here... with the skills he showed and the pre season he had you think you wouldnt dump him just because he played only so so in the TWO games they actually used him... hes a young kid learning the cfl game... after what he showed me you think they would have kept him around and let him develope..

i think this team is offically a circus.. a coach that wasnt so controversial would be nice right now because with the rebuild i never though this team would be a powerhouse.. but hes bringing so much negative attention to this team that its adding even more pressure for them to fail. just not a good situation to be in for players or fans.. i hope its over soon.. even vets like simpson and brown are getting annoyed by the sounds of their recent interviews.