Bombers add Palardy

Guess their punter is hurt.

C'est dommage.

[quote="diesel27"]Guess their punter is hurt.

Let's assume Setta was too rich.

Was talking to him Saturday, he is trying NFL camps now and has been in contacted with the Bombers also!

Good luck to him. He could do OK.
We cut Calvillo too. :frowning:
I like what I have seen from Wilbur though, despite the ratio issue.

they added 3 Canadian kickers, none of them looked that good...

The Bombers are looking for a replacement placekicker, not a punter. Renaud is doing their punting for them. When they let Serna go, they brought in Sakoda (cut by the 'Riders). But he pulled a calf muscle during the pre-game warmup Friday, which is why he wasn't used in the game.

Palardy's specialty is placekicking, so it might work out for him. Why we brought him in as a punter, I'll never know.

Don't we suspend him so he could return to school therefore retaining his rights, so how was winnipeg able to sign him?

he wanted to look around for another job so we cut him.
no loss to us, he was horrible.

He definitely did not look good as a punter. As a placekicker? You never know, he might turn out to be the next Ozzie. I guess we might find out if the Bombers select him over the other two.

Looks like Palardy beat out the other 2 kickers and will be the Bombers’ field goal kicker on Thursday.

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