Bombers add Lucky Whitehead to practice roster

WINNIPEG — Lucky Whitehead is back in the CFL, with the team that launched his pro career.

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Welcome back Lucky!
Great to have you!


Can’t hurt.:grinning:

Nice pickup by the BB’s . I always loved the guy in BC and the league needs more characters like Lucky so although I wish that it would’ve been Hamilton to sign him nonetheless welcome back Lucky .


Good too see Lucky coming back. You have to wonder why a player with his skills and credentials was not signed before now? Good to see him back playing again.

Lots of talent for a 5’7" WR to be sure. But Lucky is well into his 30s - and he’s been proven to be a brittle performer.
However, if Bombers can get a batch of games (5 or 6) from Lucky at a high level - it can act as a bridge 'til Agudosi, Lawler or even Dolly Schoen return. Schoen seems booked for recovery the rest of 2024 so its Lawler and/or Agudosi that need to return.

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When did @Lyle_B_Style become the calm voice of reason?

Welcome back kotter, Umm…I mean Lucky

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