Bombers Add Chris Davis

Great for him, I seriously hope for his sake he learns to catch consistantly and not just when he feels like it.Dropped ALOT of easy one's and one's that he should've had, thus earning him the nickname "Drive Killer".

I still dont know why we cut this guy, he consistantly gets open. The one game he had drop problems was played in a Regina rain storm, so they decide to replace him with James the following week who dropped 2 wideopen td passes vs Edmonton which would have been a blowout had he caught those balls.

That's the way it goes, he's gone, time to move on, all the best to him but that's the brakes.

I'm waiting for the Bomber fans to come in here and tout this as another sure sign that they will crush the Cats and Als in 2010 on the road to winning the Grey Cup.

He had a BIG contract and did not provide BIG stats.
He was OK, his contract needed him to be better than OK.

He had a big contract and his drops were becoming many.They don't show alot of them in the highlights except the SSK game, that's probably why you thought he only had drops there.There were at least 4-5 drive killing drops per game till Obie finally pulled him in favor of James and not long later he was released.Obviously Calgary had no immense interest in keeping him either.He's fine every now and then but he's not Bruce or Mann and never will be.

I seriously hope he doesn't learn to catch and sucks very bad while starting for winnipeg.

He never dropped 4-5 a game, i didnt go by any highlights i went by what i remembered. Sure he did have some problems but it wasnt that extreme and it wasnt Peterson bad.

It was bad enough to kill drive's for us and put our offense in a very tough situation alot of the time.Obie didn't take him out and release him because he was playing too damn good.I also remember attending home game's and watching away game's and literally crossing my finger's every time they threw to the guy.He's terribly inconsistent, had a big contract, isn't amazingly tall or fast and is a little on the skinny side.Much happier with Mann, Bruce, Stala, McDaniel, etc.Basically guy's that CAN catch and do something with the ball.

Yes, that was his nickname, given by a little clique on this forum who like to lynch certain players that rub them the wrong way.

Wow. I understand you don't like the guy but don't make up BS statistics to push your agenda. 4-5 drive killing drops PER GAME? You actually expect that claim to be taken seriously? He also caught several passes per game. So how often did they throw to this guy - 12 times per game? A lot of receivers are lucky to get 4-5 balls even thrown their way in a game.

Players get released by their teams and picked up by others all the time. Whenever one of the "marked" players get released though, it is always held up by the clique as proof that they were right about him. We've picked up a lot of released players from other teams. It happens, that's football. He's been signed by Winnipeg now and I expect him to do well. Good luck to him.

Yeah, he's that fantastic that neither Montreal, Hamilton or Calgary wanted to hang onto him.Winnipeg's thirsty for vet receiver's, I bet that's the only reason he got signed.I had no beef with this guy up until this season, if you don't remember how many drops the guy made and how he was the top participant next to Porter in getting our offense off the field quickly with no points, you either never attended or watched games or have a terrible memory.And congratulations by the way, I didn't know I made up a BS stat.They don't exactly show drops as receiver stats and i'm not watching every single game he played to get the exact drops per game average.2008 was a half decent year for Davis but he majorly blew it in 2009, and we can't have on again off again charlie's if we hope to make it to the cup.Mann, Bruce, Stala, McDaniel, let's get it done in 2010.

I still remember him from the preseason game against the Bombers in Wpg last year. You guys were down by about 20 and he was still dancing after each catch. I wasn't a fan. I wonder what his teammates thought about a guy who acted like that?

He won't last long in Wpg. if he keeps that up. LaPolice has said he wants his players to act like pros and not celebrate every basic play they make. Hopefully being on his 4th team will help him grow up a little.

Developing a better set of hands would also be nice.

Yes you did make up some completely wild and unrealistic stats, if he did drop that many balls a game he would never have made it out of day one of training camp..

The guy can play football -- to say he wasn't a very good receiver is a pile of crap considering he was leading our team in yardage at the beginning of the season.

I think the coach/team tired of his theatrics but I don't think they cut him for his play... considering up until the day he was traded he was still one of our most productive players. If the 'Peg can break him of his dance craze he'll be fine for them. Seems like a good pick up in my books.

Well, paint a rosey picture of him if you want just like most other's did of Bo Smith.Facts are facts, neither Davis nor Smith could cut it and you can't put up with mediocrity if you hope to win.

Davis did dance a bit too much for my liking, and he did have a case of the dropsies, but he wasn't Bo Smith bad. No one is Bo Smith bad.

Very true, I apologize Chris for comparing you to Bo Smith.No professional football player deserve’s that harsh a comparison.

Bo's doing what all players in this league dream of right now. He'd trade places with Bo any day of the week. So would everyone on this team for that matter.

Just because the Human Turnstile was signed by an NFL team doesn't mean he's any good. The guy sucked, plain and simple. Unfortunately for the Cats he'll likely be cut by Labour Day, and be back up here getting burned on deep passes like he did in 2009.