Bombers Add Another NI Running Back/Special Teams Demon

The Bombers signed another Running back to compete In Training Camp, I cannot see This Guy Beating out Reid or Bernard for a Running Back Position, but apparently he is Special Teams Demon, who is pretty darn good tackling in the open field. A Canadian Product out of Laval Guillaume Senecal is a bigger back 6'0 200 LBS, he is one of The Bombers two post draft selections. Looks pretty good but has to make me wonder about The Bombers Draft selection Woodson and where he fits in, at least Senecal is a Non Counter!

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....sounds like a nice signing.....We must be approaching our roster limit for tc.....Anyone know where it stands?????We are certainly bringing in A LOT of players for a look-see..............AND i LIKE IT.... :thup:

I agree even though it's hard to judge a young Canadian Player by watching youtube, but Mack chose him as one of our 2 post draft picks for a reason. If he can be a great open field tackler as we have been told, i say another great signing for the Bomber's.

I am getting more excited every signing and every day leading up to training Camp in 3-4 weeks, wish it started today, I think ALL positions in Camp are going to be very competetive this year, we have not seen this kind of promise for many years and Mack and LaPo are doing a great job scouting and finding this talent.

dont think this guy or any of the other draft picks are gonna start, i dont think thats even fair expectations to put on these guys.. these guys are being signed because we need special teamers. last year we used our starters on special teams, this year we will probably do what most teams do and use non starters. the more special teams demons the better. is he good enough to start tho? probably not right away but he could be a nice addition. kinda unfair to say anything actually until i see them on the field. who knows, dude could come in and dominate. he could get hurt, or he could suck big time. LAVAL tho and queens (seems we got a few players from both these schools) are football factories tho.