Bombers Add Another 3 Recievers

Bombers have added WR Terence Jeffers-Harris

22 Years Old - 6-2- 220 LBS Not a big name as he was deemed academicly inelegible to play for Vanderbuilt in 2008 after being traded from Connecticut.

Did start 21 of 25 games for NCAA Connecticut in 2 seasons and had 61 receptions for 782 Yards and 5 TDS in his NCAA Career.

May make an impression in the CFL as he has size 6-2 220 LBS and young at 22 Years old but for being a big guy has amazing speed (apparently runs a 4.52 in the 40 yard dash).

Was in attendance in the Bombers first FA Camp .... Recommended by Baressi and was on Saskatchewan's Neg list in 2009 according to CJOB (hmm???) and also Mack and LaPo liked something about this kid, again it is a wait and see approach, cannot wait until TC!!

he's really young, possibly a project player of sorts, altho arcenaux was a young guy in bc last year and came in lit it up.. who knows. receivers are looking quick tho with hall franklin this kid here and strickland. all are young quick and have what appears to be some pretty untapped potential.

220 !!!! is that right ?

The guy is a tank, hope he can catch, he'd be quite the load to bring down for your average 180 - 190 DB.

i am still searching for more info or video clips of this kid, but yes he is 220 LBS, he is a tank, but with great speed as well wonder what they have been feeding him ... lol ... i like the reciever's That Mack is bringing in, makes for great competition come TC.

Not to burst any bubbles, but calling 4.52 forty speed "great" for a WR is about the same as calling Rosie O'Donnell "beautiful".

There was a NCAA kid who plays LB that ran a 4.52 forty, either at the Combine or his pro day...can't remember.

4.5+ is average...very average speed. Not slow...well ,slow for the NFL, but here, average.

Good receiver speed is 4.5 and down. The true burners, those with legit "great" speed, the DeSean Jackson-types, all run under a 4-flat forty.

HMMM .... i expected a negative.....he has great speed for a kid his size 220 LBS, also if you know much about mathematics the difference between 4.5 and 4 flat is a measly .5 seconds so this kid is big at 220 and runs .5 seconds slower than the DeSean Jackson Types as you would say. I'll take a 6-2 220 LB reciever that runs .5 seconds slower than the fast guys over a 5-10 180-190 LB player who is a measly .5 seconds faster.

Think about this Milt Stegall is the greatest CFL reciever of all time and did not have blazing speed sure wasn't a 4 flat runner, so what's your point artie?

Geez i am just stating he is a big kid and has excellent speed for his size and he may not be the fastest reciever to sign in the CFL and you still have to add a negative to a BB signing, man you trolls are alway's looking for something negative to say about our signings.

.5 seconds .... LOL ..... Please

Isn't Jabari Arthur like 220 also? Some big receivers coming to camp this season...interesting...

NEW BLUE BLOOD: The Bombers have added two new import receivers who will be expected to push for work this summer: former Hamilton Tiger-Cat Chris Davis and Terrence Jeffers-Harris. Davis (5-10, 180, Wake Forest) has spent the last three years with Montreal and Hamilton and, as a Ticat last season, lit up the Bombers for six catches for 122 yards and a TD in a game last July. He had 34 catches for 440 yards and two scores in nine games in '09.

Jeffers-Harris (6-2, 220) started 21 of 25 games in two seasons at the University of Connecticut before transferring to Vanderbilt. He sat out the 2008 season under NCAA transfer rules and did not play last year after being ruled academically ineligible at Vandy. Bombers GM Joe Mack worked Jeffers-Harris out this winter and was impressed enough with what he saw to sign the big target.

From what I remember, Davis wasn't too bad, I'm sure we'll hear from our TiCat neighbors soon enough about him. :lol:

.....Davis didn't look too bad when he suited up for the Als.....the Cats not so much...although as i recall, he lit us up last year...Quite a difference in size between him and Jeffers-Harris....and we know he's pretty quick.. :wink:

Hamilton cut Davis because he had the dropsies, and because two other younger rookie receivers, Marquay McDaniel and Drisan James, were playing well enough to earn more time on the field.

And after his release in Hamilton he landed in Calgary for a spell. . . don't recall ever seeing what Stamp fans thought of him.

Yep sounds like a keeper. Just have to hire someone to read him the playbook and it should be lights out for the rest of the C.F.L.

Well being the mathamatician that you are I would have figured you would have realized that is a 9% difference, quite substantial one would think. If you're 10% slower than someone you're going to be 10 yards behind him after you run the field.

Well being the mathamatician that you are I would have figured you would have realized that is a 9% difference, quite substantial one would think. If you’re 10% slower than someone you’re going to be 10 yards behind him after you run the field.
…mathematics, riders and their fans…don’t belong in the same sentence…of course that might have been corrected with the release of Armstead and the other guy…oooooops… just about forgot ,he’s working for us… :lol:

…and taleback if you’re going to correct someones addition and subtraction you might want to make sure you SPELL the word mathematician correctly :lol:

...that didn't take long...... :lol: :lol: Why is it when a player is a member of their club he's gold....but when he's released and signs with another team he becomes ''''let's say....not too good...... :lol: :lol: ....hypocritical comes to mind cat fan... :lol:

Er, have you happened by the Shabazz thread, there papa? I don't think the condition you describe is unique to Cats fans....

Anyway, my comments about this new superstar receiver of yours. I know nothing about the kid. Never heard of him, never seen him. He could be the bastard child of Milt Stegall and Allan Pitts...I don't know. But what I do know, for a receiver, 4.52 in the 40 is NOT fast, let alone great. That was my only point. And I made a typo in my earlier post - good speed is 4.45, and down, not 4.5. I'm not even wanting to start a debate about the importance of speed, or the significance of the difference between a receiver that runs 4.52 and 4.37 (Jackson). My only point is that 4.52, is NOT great speed for a WR. That's all. ...uh yes....that's why i pointed it out.....I know we have been known to make such an assessment but for them to come on here and point that out to Bomber fans and make the same comments, about THEIR former player, is quite laughable..

.....speed ....schmeed......IF the guy posesses great hands and is great in traffic i don't need him to be the fastest guy in the league....I didn't think Derick Armstrong was all that quick ...nor do i think Terrence Edwards is a speed demon...but they make=up for it by being sure-handed,,,,,we'll see what the guy brings to camp.... :wink:

this showes you have no idea what you are talking about

a 4.52 40 yard dash time is good enough... its not blazing fast, but good enough that he can get open and make some big plays

however, I dont think he will make the roster... out of football for a year, and he doesnt have insane physical athletic ability.. we already have a pair of Big canadians who are fast enough to get open and have good hands... we dont need to waste that spot on an import

Wow ... I make a post about a signing and the hounds come calling ..... First of all the speed factor, honestly who gives a crap if they run 100 yards they will be 10 yards behind a 4 flat? how many recieving plays go 100 yards? honestly, your post is totally irrelevent to the original post, please give it a rest, so the kis is no speed demon oh my what shall we do? i never stated he was, just pointed out the stat and that he is fast for his size and you make a big stink.

What next? Oh yeah the little comment about our "NEXT SPERSTAR" reciever, again please don't even start, no one even suggested that he was our next superstar reciever and you hit the nail on the head when you stated you don't know anything aboing about him, B-I-N-G-O, you know nothing about him and he could be the bastard child of Stegall and Pitts, how mature? You should worry more about the Argos and the bunch of no names on that team, but Argos suck so why even point that out right? Argos suck, Leafs suck and Jays suck, wow what a winning city? Pretty bad when we get almost as many fans at a single A game than T.O does for the Jays, please!!

Davis has the dropsies according to Mr. Ti-Cat fan, maybe it was the fact he had crap QBS throwing to him in Hamilton cause in MTL he looked pretty good, see that's what happens when you have a good QB throwing you the ball!! When he was a Cat you probably thought he was awesome, am i right? don't answer that cause i don't care what you think about your former player's just like you don't care that we think Glenn is a little cry baby who blames everyone but himself, but what would we know he only played here for many years!! How about Gauthier, the guy who gets more holding penalties than blocks in a game, oh but who cares cause he is a Cat now so that makes him better than when he played here, please!!


LMFAO... man you are so full of signature quotes... I need to save these on notepad so I can use