Bombers add 2

......Romby Bryant officially signed and Troy Stoudermire db late cut of the riders....I recall when we picked up Neufeld the green guys were apprehensive about letting him go...same seems true now about Stoudermire...He could be a real good one :wink:

Like the signings! Romby can provide some great depth at receiver if one goes down. Like the returning ability stoudermire has, as I am not overly confident in that aspect of the teams. Hope he turns into another gem that was lost in the depth the riders have! :cowboy:

I like the Stoudemire signing, seems like he has that range of ability that will fit in well with this group.

Bryant...I'm on the fence on this one. He probably has a good year or two in him and he might be useful, but his career has been all over the place and his attitude hasn't always been the best. Our receiver group played well versus the Argos, he's not going to crack the top 3 international receiver group if they continue to play that way. Will he be happy being a depth guy on the PR and is it worth having a 34 yr old depth receiver? Or is it better to keep that spot for a good young receiver?

I get the sense Bryant was brought in to push the starting imports so they don't get comfortable.