Bombers ADD 2 more to roster

OL darren hinds from the university of sask.. he's a center. 6'1 306lbs... 1987 birthdate.


DT Ladarien Scott... 6'2 272 out of louisville. again 1987 birthdate :slight_smile:

dont know much about these guys but the olineman apparently plays with a nasty streak :slight_smile:

wow just browing the roster at but geesh we are pretty young here.

far cry from 2008 where our average age was about 35 years old. well not quite but bet our avg age is probably 24 25. guys who should be in their prime as football players. :slight_smile:

I agree and also believe that Mack and LaPo are doing a great job finding young talent rather than picking up older more expensive player's from other teams, i have every bit of confidence in Mack and LaPo's recruiting skills and being a younger team means lots of potential for the future as well, obviously there will be a bust or two+ but that is what training camp is all about, competition and the best player's for LaPo's coaching style. I am getting more and more excited every day about Our Bombers and cannot wait for training camp which will be extremely competetive at every position.

i agree. we are getting younger and its nice they are bringing in younger talent too.

we have some guys on the team who have been around for a few years and havent been starters.. canadian wise, guys like gallant and mckinlay (retired) but still...donnelly and fritz and the sorts.. the lists go on and on of canadians who have been in the league for a while and have yet to start.

i want to call them 3 years plus guys.

competition is never a bad thing and i think teams who are content with what they have are going about things the wrong way. its my humble opinion that even if you have all stars on your team, if you arent bringing in guys to push these all-stars you arent doing your job :slight_smile:

mack and lapo tho have been doing their job and i think the fans are buying into what they are doing :slight_smile:

the "real" fans atleast. :slight_smile:

I’ve watched Hinds play in the CIS. He will provide great depth at least. Perfect buld for a centre.

Definately Excited about Hinds...

Between Hinds, Hashem, Kowalczuk, Morris and Bestard we will have some very good competition for depth on our O-line. Hinds, Hashem, Kowalczuk are very good finds for Mack, He's doing a very good Job bringing in Young Canucks who have been kinda flying under the Radar... Svec, McHenry, Oduwole are a few other names.