Bombers actually signing good players

Yesterday (Jan. 16) re-upped Darvin Adams - today they inked former Als WR Kenny Stafford. Organizational solidity has shown these guys that Winnipeg isn't that scary a place to sign - or play. Having a quality #1 QB to hoist the ball to them helps, it might even be the #1 factor - especially if Nichols plays behind an above average o-line.

Adams and Stafford are above average height WRs - last year bombers were saddled with shorties and below average Canadian mopes. Still need a star Running back who can rack up 1200 to 1400 run yards - plus help contribute to the Nichols passing game.

Might also need an extra hog - but who doesn't?

Now they need an experienced back-up QB who will work for food. Glenn's contract ($175k to $220k) made it impossible to retain him but there's others out there. Glenn was a solid team guy though - kinda like CFL version of NO DRAMA OBAMA.

Bomber defense still a hot mess. Lots of gamers on the d-line but most are under-powered or lazy American or Canadian hobos. Lots of great triers at linebacker but no heft or dominant guy. Great athletes in d-backfield coached poorly. Little Richard (Hall) is easily the 8th or 9th worst DC in league. But Wadzilla & Walters can't find anyone else - so they keep trotting out LRH and the results are killing them. Don't know what type of DC O'Shea would make - his special teams were OK and he's got the track record of being a well above average CFL linebacker for the better part of a decade. O'Shea showed the world he's inadequate making offensive decisions - don't know if he'd be any better running a defense - but you don't have to be that good to run it better than Hall. :cowboy:

Ritchie Hall needs to go period.