Bombers About to Shatter All Attendance/Merch Records

Great Job Winnipeg !! This is also a great story for the CFL !! :thup:

Keep it up !

Breaking through the ennui in southern Ontario will take more than swaggerville marketing.

the bills moving to L.A. would be a good start.

So..the lesson here, get an NHL hockey team, and your CFL team does incredibly well. Can you imagine if Sask got an NHL team? They'd have to move the Rogers Center.

Also , support the Hamilton Bulldogs! <insert joke about Toronto not having an NHL team, even though they have the Leafs>. <Insert joke about the Marlies sucking as bad, if not worse then the Argos>.

Where did you think Cohon (NBA) and Mack (NFL) came from?

Cohon worked for MLB too. Not sure what Mack has to do with marketing and stuff though.

they still need improvement.

where are the CFL DVD's? and TV commercials during games with CFL Players in them?

the CFL still needs to step it up a notch or two.

I don't see how that's on the League. They can't force advertisers to use CFL players in their commercials. Seems to me the one time a sponsor did, fans basically ridiculed the ads (the Jesse Lumsden and Kerry Joseph ads for Future Shop).

That extra merchandise/attendance money needs to be sent to Toronto (revenue sharing) to bailout a fellow brother's attendance problem.

Does the CFL have a revenue sharing system in place among its teams?

I'd like to see more CFL players get endorsement deals. Not easy because most large companies just use their American publicity in Canada. I did see a giant cutout of AC at the Ecko store on the weekend. One of my favourite brands of Tshirts.

I think companies like Wendy's and others that advertise in games would be smart to use players to endorse their products or services, wouldn't cost them much more and they would be more effective if done well. Would also be cool if the CFL and the players worked together on clothing lines. I think it would be fun to have special edition fashion tshirts tied to players instead of the lame stuff circa 1980 that teams offer in their gift shops. I'd buy a special edition Ecko, Avirex, Silverstar tshirt for AC's record breaking TD. Be more lucrative for players than trying to start no name brands like Avon is doing. Works great for MMA fighters no reason it can't work for football players. Can't believe teams don't even have cool Hoodies to offer their young fans. League has a complete disconnect with the young people and it is going to cost them.

winnipeg is the exception my friend.... The city is on the rise, New NHL team, new Bomber stadium, $600 million airport terminal, and the bombers are doing well. Times are good :thup:

Are you serious?

Marketing starts at the team level, Mack brought instant name recognition to the Bomber organization with the locals, not some stiff like Taman (known for slurpees and napkins) how can you take a guy like that seriously? Never wore a suit, didn't even own a car, had to borrow his mon's Rambler to go on scouting trips, when he could pull himself off the couch long enough.
Compare that to a guy like Mack who knows just about everybody in NFL circles, get's his DC invited to rap defense with Dom Capers of the SB Champ Packers, c'mon, fans aren't dumb.

Isn't that a bit of a bandwagon fanbase then.

hey now, Saskatchewan is growing, it's one of the most productive provinces in the entire country. People are moving back, jobs are a plenty.

if someone wants to find a fortune and they're in the right business. they can get it easily!

Regina is growing. This is the best time for Saskatchewan as a province.

The Bombers have always been that way, maybe 22,000 die hards who are always there rain or shine. But the new organization and stadium are trying to change that, so the juries out on that one.

Point was, each team has to market itself and not expect the league to do it for them. I can sympathize with the Argos, RC is a horrible place to watch a game and most people wouldn't pay to watch Cleo Lemon and that offense in any city.

Sorry to say you are wrong on that Quote PIGSEYE.

We/fans do pay to watch the Argo's offense Quarterbacked by Lemon at Commonwealth and that Stadium is in Edmonton.

CFListhebest said "the CFL needs NFL people who deal with marketing, merchandising and advertising". Mack has no background or experience in those fields. He can be used as a marketing asset as can a number of people but that's not the same as being an expert in the fields referred to by CFListhebest.

And there was no instant name recognition when Mack was first hired. The response by the media and fans was more like "who's Joe Mack?" We know the answer to that now (he's the best hire the Bombers have made in years) but it took time for him to become a marketing asset. Still it's the people Mack brought in and the team he's built as well as the change of direction in marketing philosophy instituted by Jim Bell that have had the greatest impact on marketing the Bombers since Mack is a stay out of the limelight kind of guy.

Wow, maybe you’re younger than I thought,

[url=] ... nipeg.html[/url]
Mack's resumé includes more than 25 years of collegiate and professional football experience, including a stint as the Bombers' director of player personnel from 1984 until 1987.

During that span, the Bombers enjoyed winning seasons while also claiming the 72nd Grey Cup in 1984.

Sure, the die hards will always go no matter who's in town.

How many people can remember the person in charge of player personnel for a team from almost 25 years ago? Hardcore fans are more likely to remember but, generally speaking, the average fan remembers players, coaches and maybe GMs. When Mack's name was first mentioned, again generally speaking, the reaction from a lot of fans was "who?" and the ones who did recognize his name said "but he's been out of football too long", "he's been gone from the CFL too long" and stuff like that. I can remember a lot of debate at the time as to whether Mack was the right choice so that doesn't equal instant marketing success.