Bombers About to Shatter All Attendance/Merch Records

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Just how popular are the Winnipeg Blue Bombers?

Well, they’ve never been as popular as they are right now.

Not in 1984 when they won the Grey Cup. Not in 1990 when they won the Grey Cup. Not in 2001 when they went 14-4 and lost the Grey Cup

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are riding a wave they’ve never experienced in their 81-year history.

Granted, they were no doubt the talk of the town in the late 1950s and early 1960s, when they won four of their 10 Grey Cups, but never before have so many people put their money where their support is.

The Bombers have sold out four games in a row, including this Friday’s match against Hamilton and the Banjo Bowl against Saskatchewan on Sept. 11. They are even adding temporary seating to accommodate more fans. Four consecutive sellouts at Canad Inns Stadium has happened just once since at least 1979.

Last week, between Monday and Friday, the Bombers sold 5,700 tickets for games after the Banjo Bowl, which vice-president of marketing Jerry Maslowsky said is unheard of on Maroons Road.

After the Banjo Bowl, the Bombers will be on pace to shatter their season attendance record of 252,802, which was set in 2001. They will also be on target to set the highest average attendance mark in franchise history, even though the Stadium’s capacity in the 1980s was 3,000 more than it is today.

The rest is in the article. This is great for the Bombers and more importantly the CFL. The fact that we are at a record number of season tickets after going 4-14 last year is amazing.

Go Blue!

SWAGGER PRIDE NATION WIDE!! :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy: :cowboy:

great for Winnipeg! creating a wonderful atmosphere that will carry over to their new stadium in 2012!

but they're not going to break Merchandise records for the CFL.. Team? yes. CFL? no.

Sorry cflisthebest, I meant through the title and embedded article we are talking about Bomber records.

It's the Jets that will be #1 and breaking all records this year.


But it's great for Winnipeg and the CFL. CFL Pride NATION WIDE!! :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy: :rockin:

ok I think I sorta thought that's what you meant. all is good :smiley:

Weren't the Jets supposed to mean the end of the Bombers? Jeez people can be so silly..
This is great for Winnipeg and the whole league. It's nice to see Winnipeg finally enjoy some of the limelight. At times I think the whole swaggerville thing is annoying, but Winnipeg fans have been kicked a lot over the years, so maybe it's their turn to enjoy it.

Things are very cyclical in the CFL (20 years is cyclical, right?). Well as an 8 team league I guess it should be. But yah, not planning the parade route yet, but with this and the Jets back, there is definite pride in Manitoba.

Awesome! Keep it up fine people of Manitoba! :rockin:

Who would have thought in the early and mid 1990's that the league would be in this kind of shape in 2011? Hell, for a time we weren't even sure it would still be around in 2011!

This is OUR league! :rockin:

Im so very excited for the bombers and their fans. I recall scott taylor talking how there wasnt enough money in winnipeg or even manitoba to support a hockey team and a football team. he basicly said the bombers should pack up and move out before they are kicked out. i love seeing him proven wrong. i think its important to remember... the bombers were seeling huge season tickets and showing up for practices when all they knew was a 4-14 record. thats amazing. i cant think if a single time in CFL history when season ticket sales went up after a dismal record like that. And the players and coaches respsonded to the fans. like the stars aligned. When i watch the bombers play on tv, the croud noise is so loud, i have to turn down the sound. and you can feel it through the HD... that nothing is stopping the bomber Defense. i hope they do break some merch records and such. i really hope this isnt just a flash in the pan year, and they could become a flagship franchise for the league.

That's what happens when there's not any other professional sports teams in the area. No competition.

Great job guys, now demonstrate to Hamilton and Toronto how you did that :wink:

Just wait until the Puck drops in Winnipeg and the Jets grab a giant slice of that market share.

Ummm, Bomber tickets went up DESPITE Jets tickets already being sold out… in under 2 minutes. If anything the Jets fuelled the Winnipeg sports scene passion. But of course me being here and you in Toronto you would know more of course.

Argo attendance is pretty bad as is, using your logic, imagine if Toronto had a professional hockey team? Things would be catastrophic.

Hard to watch a Jets game in June/July/August/September... I don't see the issue. Both can be successful.

ya, imagine what would happen if the Leafs were good! ? oh wait we already know that won't happen...

No kidding. The Blue Bomber Marketing department deserves kudos. They obviously factored in this remarkable record. How did they manage to pursuade folks to purchase season tickets to watch a team coming off a 4-14 season?

Maybe teams ought to share some of these best practices with the league so that they can be implemented in other markets.

HA HA HA HA. Never heard that one before. So original.

what needs to happen is the CFL needs to Hire the NFL people who deal with marketing, merchandising and advertising and have them do all the CFL. they'll know how to get it out to the public.

this is a great comment. i have thought about this as well. either NFL or NBA. they both seem to do well in that department.

I dunno, I think they're doing a pretty fine job.

Are you referring to how Bomber ticket sales keep going up - and demand has increased so much that extra seats have been added for the rest of the season - after the Jets season tickets sold out in two minutes?

Or how all these franchise records for attendance and merchandise are being set NOW - when the Jets ARE back, rather than when they weren't here?