Bombers a legitimate threat

With all the additions to the team I think Winnipeg is going to be a very tough team and a serious contender for a playoff spot and possibly even for second place. The weakness last year was their O line and they could not stop the run. They made some pretty big changes to address that. They just signed a potentially good DE and Canadian to boot plus signing Hall as their DC and I don't look forward to play against this team. Big question may be Willie and his new contract and how much he tries to justify it. Yes he had a solid season last year but a Poor O line and no time to get the ball out was killing the offense and also left Willie open for some nasty hits, but he could try and win too many games himself this year and take chances or hits he shouldn't and that could bite him hard.
Still I think the bombers are not going to be fun to play against and in that stadium it could be a long day for any team going in there. I'm sure Ritchie would love nothing more then to lay the lumber to the Riders and show Corey he made a big mistake. Could be an interesting Western Conference this year.

if that turns out to be true, I feel sorry for BC. West teams looking strong and if their QB situation goes south it won't be pretty.

J'ai encore beaucoup de doutes à ce sujet.

Premièrement, ils ont eu passablement de difficultés à la ligne offensive. Ce genre de problème montre le manque de profondeur à ce niveau, et ce n'est pas une unité qu'on peut remonter instantanément.

Deuxièmement, Marcel Bellefeuille est coordonnateur à l'attaque. Ce dernier a-t-il seulement déjà bâti une seule attaque qui soit vraiment efficace toute une saison? Pour ma part, je ne l'ai jamais vu. Les attaques de Bellefeuille commencent assez bien leur saison et s'effondre à partir de septembre, dès que les autres coordonnateurs à la défensive ont compris son système. À partir de ce moment-là, le manque d'imagination et la faible capacité d'adaptation de Bellefeuille viennent le hanter.

Troisièmement, ils manquent de profondeur chez les receveurs. Denmark et Moore sont des valeurs sûres. Kolhert est un bon élément. Tunei et Milllington sont des gars que les Alouettes ont laissé aller et à qui ils n'ont pas fait d'invitation lorsqu'ils ont été disponibles. Bastien est un gars prometteur, mais il n'est pas le prochain Chris Matthews non plus. Pour les autres, il demeure à voir ce qu'ils pourront donner, mais à la base, c'est une brigade qui manque cruellement d'expérience. Un vétéran de plus n'aurait pas été de trop.

Leur ligne défensive devrait être excellente avec Peach, Westerman, Turner et Anderson comme noyau. Leur tertaire comporte aussi de bons éléments malgré la perte de Sears. Leur unité de secondeurs est cependant assez mince et ça pourrait leur jouer des tours avec les nouveaux règlements.

On doit s'attendre à beaucoup de mouvement de personnel chez les Bombers, sinon ils pourraient trouver la saison longue encore une fois.

Absolutely the Bombers are for real. They made great strides this off season, particularly on oline. However I still think that they have a lot to prove on defense. They do not have the defense that Edmonton, Calgary or Sask have.

Although having said that, I do not want to get into a race to 50 with them, and the new rules are good for them, especially the special teams.

O'Shea's a great coach. I think they struck gold with him.

The Bombers have a mediocre quarterback and will have a mediocre offense, so it's hard to consider them a contender. Don't get me wrong, Willy was a good number two QB but don't think he is as good as Collaros, Reilly or the other young guys.

LOL he also had no protection last year and was either scrambling for his life after 2 steamboats or lying flat on his back. That is something that they have addressed and he should have better protection and more time to find receivers. I think we will truly see what Willy can or can no do this year providing he stays healthy.

While he may not be a superstar I think he has shown he can hold his own and I think anyone that takes the Bombers lightly may be in for a rude awakening.

Edmonton had the same problem in 2013...and Reilly is pretty top shelf.

Bomber will be interesting this season. I felt leading into FA season they were much improved and a potential contender, and feel they are even more so now. Some of the keys that will be out there for them:
--> Did they improve the OL enough?
IMO, most definitely.
OT blind - Bryant
OG - Chung / Neufeld / Greaves (if not traded)
C - Picard
ROT - ? I am sure they have some passable options for the less vital right side
Seems like a respectable OL. Tops in the CFL...probably not, but looks to have some potential

--> Receivers - definitely not as strong with Nationals as would be desired, and this could be what hurts them. Granted, they drafted a guy who probably gets a lot of rotations in Richards. I could potentially see them trading away a draft or 2 to pick someone up here yet. Could be wrong, but I think this is the area that might hurt them the most.

--> QB - Willy did admirable starting. Sure, he could have sophomore hump as many do...only time will tell. The new PI rules are likely pretty good for a passer like Willy, who is not afraid to throw one up there. I will also add that I believe that have a superb backup in Marve.

--> DL - no real concerns there. Peach and Turner are very solid on the line. They also have Zach Anderson, who IMO could start on most teams at DT, and Westerman gives them a lot of options ratio wise on the line and on D as a whole. He will get a lot of reps, and potentially start some.

--> Their secondary and LB core is average though. They will be picking up cuts from other clubs IMO. Was really surprised they didn't do more here.

Do I see the Bombers as a 1st place team...not really. Do I see them in the playoffs...I would think they will be contending. Home playoff game...I will reserve comment on that until after a couple games into the season. I think the biggest concern here and now is if they will have money to go after any bigger named NFL cuts. They can probably pick up a LB or DB...beyond that, not so sure, especially if they don't move Greaves

You can't go and anoint anyone as being good, making the playoffs.

Bombers will be improved yes. But they don't have enough parts to be bonafide #1 or #2 in the west.

BC might be dynamite but if they lose Lulay all bets are off???? New coaches there..............complete unknown.

Esks the team to watch. Young, aggressive, hungry.

Stamps will be solid. But everyone in the core is a year older and they are an aging club. But they have the best QB in the west in Bo Levi.

Riders are like the Bombers............I have to wait and see. A lot of new pieces so you can't say until the games get rolling. I hope we are solid but who knows....and we need to keep QB healthy.