Bombers 38 - Gades 17

Lets put it up there for everyone to see, and to remind them that the Bombers are officially in the playoff hunt.

very much in the playoff race

Ya know Pigseye, this post of yours could be called bragging it also may be perceived that your rubbing salt in a very fresh wound the gades took last night....just thouht I would let ya know...keep up the great work....GO BOMBERS

Thanks tank, but the gades fans are eating crow in another post, this ones just for us.

Where the hell did the Gades think they were so much better than us....didn't show it last night .....hope they enjoy the crow...

Sucks that basically everyone on here picked Ottawa to win. From what BigDave posted the results, looks like only 20 people picked the Bombers. At least next week everyone will pick the Blue & Gold. Sorry Ti-cats. I just feel like mentioning this but when I was walking to my seat last night, I seen this girl Ottawa fan cheering... OTTAWA! I feel so happy that we shut her up last night. Also, in Section Y - where I was sitting. There was this drunk Ottawa fan and his bud who was a Bomber fan and 2 girls that were with them really made the game alot more funner. He was too drunk I think he didn't even care. He kept on saying 1st down - Movin' the sticks but boy was it fun and we deserved it. Seeing him look like a fool while everyone made fun of him was a blast. Celebrating in the crowd and high fiving all the bomber fans is the best. WE DESERVED THE WIN AND KEEP IT UP BOYS! GO EFFING BOMBERS GO!

Hmmmmmmmm crowwwwww (as said by Homer Simpson)... more for me please...

But I'm going to ram my hand down my throat to bring it all back up right before the Montreal game Sep 2nd...

Boys have the week off... and will come back to retain a 4 point lead on the Als cause they shouldn't do well in Edmonton next week and unfortunately Calgary will beat TO after the Eskies punish them too. The next 4 days will prove hard for the Argos.

Good on the Bombers. Now they're back in the West race for third.

Still have some Blue & Gold blood in ya Lionbacker? :wink:

Let's not get silly. It's all orange.

It's all good man.

I want to see a good race for third with the Stamps, Bombers and Riders but when I'm out for the Banjo Bowl, I think I'll be cheering for the Bombers unless my Rider buddy can talk me into cheering for the Riders.

Yeah, I'm sure everyone does because that's what makes the CFL the most exciting game to watch. I think I'll be going to the game on the 10th of September so I'll see that one. I am going to the social aswell. Been awhile since I seen the RIders play. Anyway, I wish your team the best of luck Lionbacker and hope Dickenson can get better. See your lions here on the 10th of October!

Thanks Bleed, Good luck to the Bombers.

I must give props to the recievers and Kevin Glenn. They finally hooked up on their passing game and took the Gades all the way. This is something that needed to be done since the beginning of the season, it's great that they finally know how play it, now just keep it going.

Though on another note the defense is a bit shaky with the secondary still doddeling out there. They need to tackle the opposing players not nudge them, also they need better coverage in zone and man to man.

Lastly all I have to say is two words......Chris Brazzell......this man is exactly what we need to team up with Milt Stegall and in a way Keith Stokes. Brazzell can run and he gives everything he has into the play. The Winnipeg offense needed this and now we've been given the missing ingrediant. He will bring big things to this Daley stop talking about rebuilding and fine tune this machine. Geez Bob Cameron said it best, rebuilding is for the off-season, right now it's time to take what you've got and make things happen.

Amen Brother! Let the play-off hunt begin!

Well done lightning, thats exactly what they have to do… adjust the curb idle…then stomp on the peddle and don,t let off, Brazzell gives the offence and Steagall huge support, Tamon is off my crap list, for now. Still a little steamed that he didn’t bring in some hired guns. but winning fixes every thing

The road to the playoffs will still be hard for us, we NEED to win the next 4 games for sure (ham, ssk, ssk, ottawa) to go 7-6, then we will need to deal with BC twice toronto at home, Montreal in montreal and calgary at home

Very true stegalfan, 7 - 6, is the target, but I think one or two teams will crap out yet which will help us , just not sure who.