ya i know calvillo and cahoon and watkins and coburne and emry didnt play but neither did brown,logan,jovon,ike,edwards.

a win is a win and its nice everytime u beat a team like montreal regardless of who plays and who doesnt.

seems like they put on a show over at canad inns stadium so thats cool and sounds like several guys made a very good impression...

jeffers-harris,marcellus bowman, suber, tate, hunt, willis, thaine carter, brady browne,lavar glover, clint kent, bstewart.. dimichele, all these guys showed they are here to play.

on the flip side, chris davis and foster seemed to struggle.

jyles will need a better showing next week or the coaches will have no choice but to start considering dimichele as the #2, he was much better throwing the ball

Actually Jyles was pretty good in the first half. the drops by Jeffer-Harris and Bowman killed him. he should have had a TD and 2-3 more completions. Just wasn't nearly as poised as Buck, and the pick probably really hurt his ratings with coach. I wouldnt feel completely lost if we had to go with Jyles for a few games though based on what i seen, or DiMichelle for that matter

But I agree, Dimichelle was pretty good himself. I want to know why Lapo pulled Brink when clearly it was drops that were stalling the drives. He was passing pretty well i found

Ya regardless of who played a decisive victory is just what the doc ordered. Buck looked good I hear.
How did MacPherson look for Montreal?

well flag, to answer your question, ill refer to bob irving and mitch zalnasky.. when asked if leak could be named backup behind calvillo, both said no.. but then later on in the post game show, said YES. its possible that he could be. mcpherson didnt move the ball at all, ill find the stats for u...

2/4 for 21 yards.

so he really didnt do much. however the bombers and buck owned that first quarter marching downfield at will against mtl there, 105 yard opening td drive followed by a 75 or so yard td drive = mcpherson done.

leak tho looked good 21/32 for 181 and a td.

jyles tho... yes he had some balls dropped but so did buck, so did dimicele, so did brink.. the one thing that stands out to me with jyles is 2/8 for 42 yards.

thats brutal regardless, he underthrew receivers, he overthrew receivers, could be nerves but... for a guy who has been in the league for about 4 5 years now, thats not that great. dimichele looked like he was the guy who has been around for a few years but really that was his first real action in any game and he looked better than jyles.

the interception jyles threw was very bishop like, thrown into double coverage and that hurts because... montreals only td was scored on the next play or the play after.

as for brink, now this is just hardcore speculation but after watson dropped the first pass brink threw, irving mentioned brink staring a hole through him and not looking to happy... so it could just be... they decided to let him chill out instead.

or the other more likely scenario is they wanted to see what else dimichele could do since he is the guy who's stock probably went up the most this game.

most interesting stat this game tho isnt from the qb's or receivers or running backs but the time of possession stat.. if u can beleive it.. BOTH TEAMS HAD EXACTLY 30 MINS with the ball. AMAZING isnt it?

I was wondering whether the glaring had something to do with Brink getting pulled as well.

The CJOB stats guys were wrong. It is impossible for both teams to have 30 minutes time of possession because there are some plays that don't count towards a team's TOP (ie kick-offs, punts).

You list off Jyles stats and talk about how unimpressive they were, but Jyles put the ball right on the money either 2 or 3 times( cant recall, have it marked down somewhere) and did his part on those passes. If those recievers did what they were supposed to do, Jyles numbers would have looked more like 5/8 passing, 1 TD and one INT for a considerable amount of more yards.

Again, He sure wasnt the best QB, but I would put him at second with Dimichelle a close third.

Brink landed both his passes perfectly, but both were dropped as well. not his fault at all, totally did his Job.

Had a brain cramp regarding TOP. Forgot about the rules regarding kick-offs and punts. Strange thing is I've seen a lot of game summaries where the time of possession didn't add up to 60 minutes. Not sure how they explain that.

i agree too that even i may have been a little harsh on jyles, but there was more to it than the passes.. if those 2 and it was 2 drops, he wouldve been four of 8... and of his four incompletions two were horribly thrown balls, and another was picked on a horrible read into double coverage... as killer mentioned, he looked like the rookie, sure he wasnt horrible, but he was jumping around in the pocket like he had never seen a defense coming before, under pressure he would elude (which is good) but then wouldnt even get his eyes downfield to see if he could make a play, any danger he just tucked and ran away, i love his speed and scrambling ability, but his passing today was soso even if those balls were caught, and he just didnt look comfortable back there, not what i thought wed see from our next most experienced qb...

where as dimichele had to run for his life a few times and was able to regain composure, take another scan and deliver the ball downfield or to a back (very accurately i might add), he looked poised and had good mechanics... the way jyles was scrambling around back there reminded me way to much of michael bishop... i think jyles can be good, and his experience should be a benefit to this team, but the way he played today doesnt leave me overconfident that he will win us games if buck goes dowm, things can change, and maybe next week he will shine, but i think he needs to see a lot of snaps next week so we can get a better read on him because as of right now i dont know if he deserves the #2 spot... dimichele had a better camp so far than jyles too... hel need to step it up

nope…they all add up to 60…no explanation necessary

this is a more accurate review of Jyles IMO.

I think if DiMichelle does well again next week the coach should consider moving him up to number 2.

I think you have to keep Jyles as the #2 quarterback because he has some experience. I don't know too much about DiMichelle but i think if Buck were to go down in the middle of a game i would want Jyles coming in over a guy that has played very little CFL football.

Nice to see some happy Blue fans :thup:

i agree to an extent... but at some point that experience has to start translating to success... just to throw a situation out there for discussions sake: lets say next game, we get another average at best or below average performance from jyles, and dimichele comes and really impresses.... that would mean that after two and a half weeks of camp, and 2 preseason games that adam dimichele was our second best qb... and jyles was inconsistent, sometimes good, but often his performance was noticably inferior... does jyles still get the #2 because of his experience?

imho sooner or later performance on the field and in practice will have to outweigh the experience factor, dont get me wrong, im not saying dimichele will be the next flutie, but, what if we do have a rising star in him.... it wouldnt be fair for him to do nothing but impress, but lose the backup job to a guy that hasnt been overly impressive, just cause he has experience....

if the season started tomorow is jyles the #2? yes absolutely, bbut if jyles cant show us something next week, i see no reason why dimichele or brink wouldnt get some serious consideration... and if these are going to be groomed as our qbs of the future, sooner or later they need some playing time, and the #2 is the one who will get that playing time, if the starter goes down, and in games that are out of reach one way or another....

you cant give the #2 to a project qb just to develope him because you want to, his play has to earn it. but so far adam dimcheles play has been much better than jyles... just my opinion again but id rather see a young qb that we are grooming be the number 2, considering hes played good. good enough to earn it so far,,, so as of right now id see it as a win win by having dimichele as our second string, 1. cause hes been the second best qb this year, 2. because him or brink is the future.... jyles as of right now only has his experience going for him.. and potential, but all qbs have potential...

Very true, and again i don't really know whats gone on with Jyles and DiMichelle over the course of training camp and pre-season.

Just Curious, how much money is Jyles is making? Could it be a situation where the bombers have to cut/trade Jyles if not make him the second string?

When he signed it was said that he was getting about $100,000 base with incentives.

i dont know, and thats what it may come down to. theres lot of scenarios, he may be too expensive to have as a 3rd string, so do u risk cutting him and losing his experience at that point? or do u then give him the #2 and try your best to develop behind him... mind u this can all change quickly, jyles still has time to adapt and improve, id love to see him do well here, he def has the physical tools

k just gonna clarify what i meant.. basically that jyles didnt look as good as i thought he should have, not saying he wont look good next week or not saying he wont be number 2 going into the season, because more than likely he will be, he is a career backup and thats what he will be this year but he will get more playing time i think because i think if buck even gets slightly injured they will take him out and rest him, but hopefully buck stays healthy :slight_smile:

im just saying that right now.. it appears dimichele is the guy behind pierce with the most upside. good camp, great game, scrambling ability, has a good arm regardless of what ppl say, makes quick reads and good ones at that, great play by mtl db to knock the one to watson down there and a lil overthrown ball to ball :S but thats expected almost of him isnt it?

jyles has been here b4, not in wpg but he's playing in pre-season b4, he's played in the meaningful games b4, and today imho, he looked worse than dimichele and from all reports has consistently looked worse than dimichele.

i think buck signing here probably hurt jyles.. not so much dimichele or brink.

dimichele and brink are 2 "unknowns" atleast to the cfl game, jyles is not.... and today jyles looked like he was the unknown.

pierce dimichele and jyles all ran with the ball, 35 yds or so for buck on what? 3 runs.. 1 run for 10 yds for AD.. differnce was they would run and find an open receiver in the process, always looking up field, jyles first instinct was to run with the ball.. thats all well and good but the other 2 regardless of drops, all of em had guys dropping balls on em, hmm.. did better in the passing dept and what do they say about the cfl.. ah yes.. ITS A PASSING league :slight_smile:

.....Let's not kid ourselves.....Mont. came into this one with a huge handicap.....Calvillo and crew were left at home...BUT we also showed some good stuff out there today.....I wouldn't cut any of the qbs. after that one....and would take them all to catville to get a real handle on who we should keep where and who we shouldn't keep period...If it weren't for a few receivers dropping very well thrown balls....this is still a contest for the no 2 pivot spot ......Buck showed he's all we all thought he was....after that it's a grab bag(i don't mean that literally :lol: )...LaPolice said after that game.....humility my friends, humility....I love his attitude....I think we all have something very good to look froward to this year if this team comes together quickly, with the talent that we obviously have....AND I hope we can continue to win with humility....until we can turn that into confident wins, with a little carefully measured ' in your face attitude'... :thup: :rockin: GoBigBlue...

nobody is being cut at the qb position right now and probably noone will be. someone will get "hurt" next week or by june 24th when they have to declare the roster. count on it.