BOMBERFAN64 Thanks Ivor-Wynne

Well, it wasn't much of a game the other night, but I had a lot of fun regardless. Apart from a few overzealous fans who got in our face at one point, me and my three buddies were treated extremely well.

We were dressed in bomber blue and gold, I was wearing a flag as a cape - and we were cheering loudly and proudly for our team. The fans were respectful and actually quite happy to have opposing team fans come into the stadium to provide a little extra entertainment.

Security, Ticket Takers, Vendors, and facility staff were great. It was a much cleaner, enjoyable atmosphere to watch a game in then Saskatchewan. We weren't pelted with watermelon helmets and beer cans... kudos to you and your football club!

That made me chuckle.

where were you sitting?

We were in section 5, row 23, seats 18-21... pretty close to the scoreboard endzone, but we moved around in the 4th quarter a fair bit!

Hi are welcome anytime.

Please come back again.

Are you from Winnipeg?

Well we have kicked your butt once and you have kicked ours . The next game will tell the tale I guess .

Psst... Hab... Winnipeg's kicked our butts TWICE this year. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. :wink:

I am from Winnipeg, yes. A few of my buddies and I flew out to visit another friend who's working in Waterloo. We made the trip for our buddy, but planned it around a bomber game!

I just wanted to share something with the Cat fans. Nobody is saying anything about the game in Winnipeg that isn't being said by Cat fans. Some Cat fans feel they are the laughing stock of the CFL. You can't blame the fans for the way the team plays. Everybody knows the Cat came back, it just won't be the very next day. Wpg fans know you will be back.

Bomberfan64, of all the fans that come to Ivor Wynne from visiting cities, Bomber fans are always my favourite. They're always the most enthusiastic (without being stupid or arrogant about it). They genuinely enjoy the game and any time I have talked to one, they are always so friendly.

Hoping to make it to a game at Canad Inns one day. I heard it's a great atmosphere too!

CFLWPG, it's nice to hear we have some support from other fans in the CFL. There hasn't been a more hard-luck sad-sack team then the Ticats the past few years. It's been painful.

I thought you were Crash in disguise... :twisted:

Before long Bob will the chartering aircraft to fly in fans from opposing teams; we in Hamilton are tired of losing year in year out with little or no improvement. Not even a competitive game to watch.

As long as they are "backup fans". We can trade our "starting fans" for them... lol