i dont know if this has been discussed anywhere but it was certainly lost in my circle of friends.. with bc losing tonight both edmonton and bc have 16 points ...... hamilton after winning tonight has 16 points..... if the bombers win tomorrow we will have 16 points... edm and bc play each other next week, so the winner would take third place in the west and the loser would remain at sixteen points... which would mean they would not have more than the bombers or cats so there would be no crossover! .. lets go blue.. a game tomorrow can give us our unlikely playoff birth :rockin:

technically it doesn't quite eliminate a crossover (Edmonton/BC could tie), but yup, pretty much. either of these last two games should get us in and it would be nice to not have to worry about doing it in the final week.

The CFL standings page is incorrectly posting BC as 9-8 when they are in fact 8-9, correct??? I checked the games played for the whole season and still come up with 8-9 for BC. I hope they change it soon, because it threw me for a loop for a second! Let's go Big Blue! Let's beat the als again tomorrow, er today!

Ah, standings fixed now. Phew!

If the BB's win,its a 98.63% (based on 1 tie per season)chance they are in with the Cats and no crossover. :smiley: But if they dont win,it's all or nothing next week,and either Ed or BC will be watching the last game closely for the crossover.

Im starting to think everyones confused as to who can make it in the playoffs,even the the Sportscenter guy said "if Winnipeg doesnt win on Sunday BC is in the playoffs".I'm thinking how does that one work.if Wpg only wins the last game and Ed wins in BC,they will only have 16 points,same as Ham and Wpg-lol

Yes, there is hope for the Bombers, but remember:

Montreal is not going to let Winnipeg embarass them in Montreal like they did in Winnipeg. Trestman is just not going to let that happen. Unlike last week, the Als will actually be TRYING in today's game, (i.e. Calvillo will probably be playing) which means the Bombers are in trouble.

Hamilton will be playing for a HOME PLAYOFF GAME next week in Winnipeg. And that is VERY IMPORTANT to the Ticat fans, players and organization. Hamilton will be bringing it.

Bottom line: Bombers should be feeling the heat, because the odds are now very much stacked against Kelly's crew.

But Hamilton won't be desperate as the Bombers, if it was the other way around, it would be the same for the Bombers. But maybe WPG wins today ?

Let's keep the west in the west.

Yes, I hope that next week is only to decide if the semi is to be played in Hamilton or the Peg. Mind you, it would not be hard to lose the next 2 games, God forbid! I figure if I say that out loud, it will never happen, Murphy`s law :lol:

....IF we lose the next two games......then we don't/didn't deserve to be in it... and that's a fact...I hate stating the obvious....In any event i think we have a good chance of making the semi's,,,,GOBIGBLUE..GET ER DONE :thup: :rockin:

Although a CGY EDM Grey cup in CGY would be something !