bomber tv schedule

are all the bomber games going to be televised? if not i cant stand listening to CJOB urgh there so annoying

im pretty sure all the away games will be on TV...but the ones at home will be blacked out unless its sold out......but i do remember last year that the last 3 home games were televised for some reason...but other than that, the away games will be all on TV

i also think cjob is kinda boring

It is a rule that I believe that they have to lift 2-3 blackouts a season for each team.

question now is, when is the US sch coming out???

i wouldnt be able to tell u cuz im not in the US

Every game is televised this year.
Whether or not they are blacked out is a different story

I think 3 home games have to be televised ro, but im not too sure on that, so dont quote me. It will be nice to watch all the games, and for me to see the riders play when they are on the road. It was frustrating to watch a road game in June , only to have to wait until August to watch the Riders again.

Wasn't it upped from one to two blackouts lifted for last season?

they better show the bomber game on june 2nd I wanna see how karikari's been doing :twisted:

CBC isn't covering a lot of Bomber games...they're only doing 3 if I remember correctly.

All the games are televised, either on CBC or TSN. Only 3 bombers games on CBC? Maybe they got too many complaints about Walby...... :lol:

Walby, great footballer, not much of a commentator, although his voice is nice.

rather have more Bomber games on TSN, I think they do a better job, and have better coverage.

and if their is ever a CBC lockout, most Bomber games will not be in the dark.

TSN does have better coverage than CBC

Hockey coverage

Football Coverage

Though I truely don't like Randorf and the rest of em doing the diagnosis of every quater. They have no clue what they are talking about. I only like Dunnigan when he did it.