Bomber trade

Don't like trading a 2nd round pick, must be more moves to come (I hope)......

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Lawless reports Neufeld has two more years left on his contract, so at least they don't have to worry about signing him.

…Good news and a solid addition… :thup:

They can certainly use a starting non-import lineman; hope they can replace that draft pick in a later deal.

Sheesh, Hall has one game without a sack and this is how he's treated?

Just kidding.

The 2nd for 4th swap sucks. I know they probably had to do it to make up the difference of Neufeld being under contract and Hall heading for FA and possibly not resigning, but still quite a steep deal. I would've pushed for their 3rd rd pick since it could be a low 3rd rounder, almost a 4th rounder, or a conditional pick depending on if Hall helped them get to/win the Grey Cup or if he resigns before FA. If they resign Hall at any point it's a pretty sweet deal for the Riders. Still, Neufeld will be a welcome addition. The new american tackle Jones looks like a keeper. January, Sorensen, Greaves. Morely becomes a veteran back up. Plus Swiston, Pencer if he sticks after any additional off season moves.

NI Tackles who can actually start are almost impossible to get. This is a necessity for the Bombers and shows they are serious about protecting their QB. So this is the kind of trade that will keep on giving into free agency.

A second round pick for Neufeld & a 4th.........what's wrong with that deal?

Good trade for both teams. Only irony is that many Bomber fans complained for years about Taman gving away draft picks now the Bombers give one to him. :lol:

True, but we got 3rd rounder from TO in the Parenteau deal earlier so, as long as they are coming back the other way they still have the same number of picks, just different rounds, no biggie.

Nothing as long as Hall doesn't resign with the Riders prior to the start of next season. If they get him signed somehow, then the assumption Hall was going to try the NFL becomes nothing but a bad rumor and the trade looks lopsided in favour of the Riders.

.....I doubt Hall will give up his shot at the nfl...He'll probably be gone BUT does he stick....AND if he doesn't what then...Does Sask. retain his rights IF he returns... :roll:

Not you guys problem anymore. Priority FINALLY is to fix the oline and the QB position. Something Sleepy Joe refused to do for 3 years.

Hall is one of those dime a dozen players that just pins his ears back and rushes the passer while paying no attention to the running game. He can easily be replaced and will have a very difficult time cracking an NFL roster, as he's nothing remotely close to being another Cameron Wake. If the Riders sign him in the off-season, he'll actually have to expand his responsibilities to play on their line and likely see his sack production drop off dramatically. No big loss to the Bombers whatsoever; the draft pick on the other hand.......

No he'll be a FA to go to any team. Sask might have a hard time giving him a top dollar contract value befitting one of the top sack getters in the CFL, so if he's not too hurt personally at the trade Winnipeg could be in the mix. So too could any of the 7 other teams besides Winnipeg and Sask. Then again, he could take a liking to the Riders in the little time he'll spend there and want to return to them.

The pick may turn out. We lose an upper round pick this year where more of the talent in this years pool will be without the NCAA players. The pick we got back is for next years draft where the NCAAs that would've been in this years draft till be and should be a deeper pool overall, so it could still work out in our favour.

Was originally reported the picks were from the same draft, then it was changed.....strange.