Bomber trade - Willy/Heath and Glenn

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BREAKING: #Bombers trade Drew Willy to the #Argos for their 2017 1st-rd pick, 2018 3rd-rd pick, and International DB T.J. Heath.

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#Bombers then turn around and trade for Kevin Glenn, using a fourth rounder from 2018. #CFL #AlsMTL

I still like Willy despite his struggles this year but watching TJ Heath pull in a couple picks vs the Ticats tonight and a first round pick in the deal AND a 3rd pic? What a steal. I don't know how we'll find roles for all these DBs unless someone is hurt longer term than anticipated. Fogg, Randle, Adams, Loeffler, Johnson, Frederick, Posey, Leggett as the SAM, now Heath? This is loading up. Wonder if Heath displaces Bruce Johnson?

KG has really gone off the rails his last few weeks as a starter. Hopefully he still has something left in the tank should the need arise. Thinking back to when he was the starter here and got hurt in the East final and we had to start Dinwiddie in the Grey Cup, clearly the thought here was we have a chance and not to rely so soon on an inexperienced #2 guy. A bit of a risk but the price wasn't too bad.

....We won this trade bigtime.....We have insurance at qb. and adding another ball hawk to our bunch of ball hawking db's is going to make us one of the most solid at that position in the league :thup: ...Johnson may be the odd man out....First rounder in 17' from T.O. is going to give us more national depth...Walters made a terrific deal that just about cements his future in the Peg...As far as Willy moving on...I hope he can return to the qb. that he showed us when he first arrived in river city....I really hope he does well in the Big Smoke. :thup:

Yep - quite the deal the Bombers pulled off. And IMO Drew Willy is a terrible QB. Matt Nichols looked better last year coming from the Eskimos with limited reps in practice. Willy is 'gunshy' now. He can't make a read beyond his first choice, and he can't look off defenders. IMO - if anyone can 'fix' him it's Milanovich. If SM can't - Willy be getting pointers from Ray on how to go into the 'chip' business.

....YEP...Frito Lay I believe....I truly hope Willy regains what he's lost...I never really thought he was a high calibre starter but rather an excellent back-up...The reasons for his failure here are many...latest was that he did not see eye to eye with Winnipeg media :roll: He better grow a thick skin in T.O. if things don't go well...They'll chew him up and spit him out in the centre of the universe...It'll be interesting to watch how things turn out for one Mr. Drew Willy.

Willy's Eddy Haskell eyes are gonna burst when he first lays eyes on the TO media - and he sees Gary Lawless's double - Goony Lawless stand up and ask tough questions. Lawless gets around = he often does his Winnipeg radio show from a Toronto studio - and he's buddies with the Toronto organization - having worked for it under Don "Bucky Beever" Matthews.

Luckily the Toronto media has better fish to fry - namely - Robert Shapiro, John Gibby Gibbons, Jose Bautista, RA Dickey, Marcus Blowman, Deadwood Encarnacion, Russ Martin, Smokey, Buck Martinez, Mike Wilner.

....Hey Lyle how come no nic for Jose (the bat flipper) Bautista :roll: ....Willy will be watched closely by Lawless ,you can bet, and he'll be ready to pounce...well maybe lazily leap, on any similarity of Willy's play in the Peg that crops up in T.O.....I can't see the media letting up at all on Willy if they smell blood in the water and the deal Barker made goes bust....Willy and the media will take on a whole new of which there'll be no escape.

Lawless is parked with flasher lights on in the loading zone of Toronto media. He'll make his play when the time comes (if Willy goes hobo)...

meanwhile, how's Wifftista doing for the Jays? Got banned on riderrats for using such derogatory terms for Jose - and referring to Tulo as Tulowhiffskey! The mod/owner of that somewhat racist and derogatory site that houses the so-called basket of despicables have thin skins when it comes to humour. Right now they're trying to joke and harass each other to death - cuz that's what mope fans do!

1st draft pick for bombers might not be a hoggie. Take a look at the CIS draft rankings today. The #1 consensus overall might go NFL - the next guy is a U of M hog load, Mr. Gray. Wad Miller is drooling at the thought of getting Gray - look at all the savings on bus fares and the odd airline ticket! Mmmm, finger-lickin' good!!!

Bombers will get 2 picks (both in the #3 - #6 overall if they can somehow hold onto both.

Believe it or not their acute lack of depth at Canadian WR is greater than their o-line depth. Getting Gray and the best remaining canuck WR will be important. Picking pukes like Etienne and/or Addison's Richards instead of solids like Nate Cooehorne or Parker is catching up with them.

…Not to mention passing on Durant…Bad move…I don’t think it’s a bad idea to go whole hog in the 17’ draft…I’d luv to pick up a solid canuck receiver as well but those are few and far between…Don’t know what Demski’s situation is but if we can bring him home before he’s ruined in Corkies’ circus, that would be a good move…Long way off and getting longer every year :wink:

LOL - yep. Amazing where one can find a player. Great assessment on Willy - I agree. I think the biggest issue with him is the bombers were desperate for a real QB as they couldn't find one if he fell out of a chip truck. And not just for one or two years, been like that for decades there it seems. Willy had a few good game in Sk and with Reilly being scooped up by the Esks, Willy was it. But he was thrust into the starters role, he was named the starter by new coach O'Shea in Feb before TC even opened. Recipe for disaster. The smarter play for the bombers would have been to bring in another 'Willy' type Qb and have an open competition (as the Eskimo's did with Reilly when they already had Nichols there - Reilly got the job when Nichols' knee blew up in pre season).

Then Willy gets off to that what, 5 - 1 start or something, and it's "Willypeg'. He wasn't 'that' QB though, and he wasn't ready. And he showed it as his play really nosedived (technically it was nose diving right after that first game but because the bombers were winning and Willy made 'just enough' plays no one noticed until the losing started). He never got anywhere close to that level again. I'm still flabbergasted the bombers signed him to that huge contract when he wasn't proven. They thought throwing more money at him would 'fix' him I guess lol.

I'm even more flabbergasted though that they got what they got for him. Two Canadians (draft picks) and Toronto's best young defensive back for a backup QB on a grossly overpaid contract. Wow. If that doesn't get Walters GM of the year then the award is rigged lol

Barkerama's move to acquire Willy Wonka might not be that costly. A 3rd round pick isn't great value - especially in the bomber's draft bunker. And TJ Heath isn't really that young - he just turned 29 - he was above average to very good in Toronto's press coverage but lets see what he does in Richie Hall's invisible man D.
The first round hurts a bit - but made possible cuz Toronto has pretty decent Canadian talent all-around.. . . . everyone knows the bombers tend to go off the board when they've got too much candy so why would 17 be that different?

Willy just needs to be part of a good triumvirate to elevate the Argos into the playoffs. This Saturday he probably won't play unless Lafavour is injured or totally useless. Remember, the ageless one, Richard Ray is coming back = probably for the last 2 games of the season - I'd say Lafavour and Willy need to pull off 2 wins in the next five games to keep the Argos ahead of the western 4th place team in crossover hunt.

Also predicting Jughead Milanovich will shmice O'Shea's bombers this Saturday - prolly under 27,000 fans on a Saturday morning game to boot. If Harris is out or unable to play at near 90% the bombers are in big trouble. The argos will play a tight defensive secondary with no threat of bomber running and force Nichols to throw those great 2 to 4 yd outs.

If Argos are at anywhere near the level they were in decimating Collaros and his ticats Bombers won't have much of a chance. Gotta keep the wildcard close so Toronto prolly wins - - - - by at least 12 pts.

If Argos can get playoffs (1st or 2nd in E preferred) they'll get their value out of the Willy deal. Lafavour might feel dissed and his performance level rises while Willy does what Willy does best (stand with a clipboard). Once Ray returns all bets are off as the Argos would have a nice 1-2 punch in Ray & La_Fav.
After the season Barker will cosy up to Willy at some sandwich party and tell him that he's worth about $125k as a 3rd string boy - TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT SON!

If Willy takes it he'll be paid what he's worth!

If he doesn't he might have 2 CFL roster trips left on his gas card! :cowboy:

That first round pick could mean the end of Stanley Bryant here for next season. Hardrick could move to LT, plus they have Bond and both are cheaper than Bryant. Evidently they like Foketi who could back up both Hardrick and Bond. If the Argos finish out of the playoffs and we get a starting caliber OL to play LG with that first rd pick? Barring an exceptional second half of the season it wouldn't surprise me if he's the odd man out.

Interesting! Hadn't thought of Bubba Bryant being the odd man out before. But with Hardick & Bond the bombers have some imported riches - w/ Foketi in the hopper!

Bryant is probably hauling something north of $200k - as Wadzilla had to break the piggy bank to attract decent players to Cirque De So'Shea

......There's also the possibility of renegotiation with Stanley....Otherwise he might be on the bubble....Johnson also might be expendable as we have some serious depth in the defensive backfield now.......Do we win tomorrow....I say maybe...yes....How's that for hedging your bets..The more wins that pile up is certainly looking good for Mikey....We'll have to start calling him O'Stay instead of O'Goaway....Walters is also getting ready for a trip to Millers cave...With a win against the Argos, that most likely will be the tipping point to assure a few guys their future employment...We should win it.....but then this is the CFL.

I predict the Argos will be on the bombers worse than Cyborg on Ronda Rousey (sorry about the obtuse UFC reference).

Just don't see the wounded bomber warriors able to withstand a truly desperate team - if the Argos tap out Saturday they'll be hard-pressed to stay in the race for 2nd in east - and even hold off the western crossover.

Without Harris (or Harris hobbling around at 70%) I can't see the bomber offense generating more than 13 pts (2 FGs + 1 TD) plus a few extra points coming off teams or defense (takeaways).

The bomber magic of takeaways will be come to a grinding halt Saturday afternoon, in front of 20+ thousand tearful fans. I can see Nichols getting battered into submission and Field Mouse Glenn coming to a helpless rescue. Willy might get to clean up once Lafavour has made a total mess out of the bombers, their fans and their local media. :cowboy:

...Seems you were a little off Lyle....Bombers turned it up when they needed to and Ned Flanders filled in nicely for hometown Harris....In the end LeFevour is what we thought he was....Bomber D defeated him in the end and he looked quite demoralized on the sidelines... Ball hawks and a solid rush will do that to you..Not bad though for a kid who started late this year...I'm going to say something I haven't said for a long time about this/my team..they are solid contenders...Bombers have the makings to go a long way this year...Injury replacements have acquitted themselves quite well....AND who would have predicted that Nichols was going to take this team by the scruff and turn it into what we see very competitive team...7 straight wins and counting....Not since 01' have we seen a streak like that...Looks like Mike O'Stay will be heading over to Wads office for a little contract talk...Who would've thought. :wink:

Mr. Style was wrong on all counts..... Our D is immense. I was a MOS basher but things are looking good. Instead of this Heath guy I thought we should have picked up Gurley. He played a helluva of game today. Our D is awesome.... Getting red zone success means it's all gelling.

The red zone has definitely been a weakness so it's good to see some success. The offense stayed on the field long enough to keep the D fresh and they came through in the 4th. We really have become a plug and play team.But watching the next game,boy do we have a mountain to climb next week.

More than anything its good to be wrong. And I was wrong. Although you were prolly slightly nervous after Argos had taken an 11 pt lead in the 1st half.
Impressed more by the team getting it done in the absence of big men like Harris, Wild, Ry Smith, etc. and Randle being a bit stiff seeing his first game action in a while. Plus the feeble snap by our long-snapper boy.

Flanders is a keeper - a slashman vs. the power and ball-handling of Harris.

Now, it appears to be a 3 way race for the Grey Cup berth. And all 3 teams appear destined to face each other come October/November - Calgary, BC & Wpg are the class of the CFL. Edmonton might have a better route to the GC by virtue of crossing over. . . . . as only Hamilton appears remotely capable of taking care of Team Dynasty.

Bombers don’t have the great depth nor QB talent of the Stampeders. But their overall starter depth is darn close. Coaching is a slight mis-match with Dave Dick being superior to O’Shea but the chasm is closing. In the first 3rd of the season I’d rate O’Shea a D- to Dickenson’s B-; today O’Shea is at least a B, perhaps B+ while DD is around B+ to A-.

Depth will make a difference down the stretch and especially in the playoffs. Winnipeg will have their chores cut out moving past BC in the western semi, moreso if the game is held in Vancouver. And then getting by Calgary will be very difficult.

But kudos to Mike O and gang. 7 wins in a row wasn’t even done that much by Grant & Ploen, let alone Murphy & Clements, or Ritchie & Jones.