Bomber Stadium Video Update

Wow! What a great looking facility.The fieldturf will be in by the end of the month. Cat fans are wondering what our new stadium will look like. It will be tough to beat the Peg.
The Bomber video is on the Bomber website.

Pat Lynch(the old guy looking forward to the new stadium at Ivor Wynn)

Here's the link to the video..

Looks really nice but why is it taking so long? looks like alot of work left considering it was supposed to be ready in July

With long cold winters in Winnipeg, I have a feeling that they will be playing a lot of away games again early next season.

Winnipeg's stadium will be done by the time the 100th grey cup is awarded.
All the cement will be in place by the end of the month, then they just install seats, lay down the field turf and do the interior of the stadium. No reason for weather delays anymore.

8) Very impressive looking, that's for sure !!
  Hopefully our new stadium will resemble that one.   We can only hope !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Yes, it does look fantastic. I guess we will find out next Wednesday what the new Pan Am stadium will look like.

Oh yea, we would be so lucky. Granite counters in the suites! Nice touch. 47 suites, let's see if Hamilton and area businesses can match that or get close to that to show corporate support for the stadium, city and their team, the TigerCats. Mind you, Winnipeg is arguably a more cohesive and tight market not to mention larger as it doesn't tie itself to a large city like Toronto so close as many in this area seem to do, well it is easy to do afterall since Hamilton is so close to such a city. I suppose.

Absolutely beautiful!!! Even though I know we are getting a new stadium, I am quite jealous of this one. The capacity is 33,500.... 11,000 more than what we'll have. I hope they'll put more seats in our stadium after the games are finished. But, that's still an on going debate that no one seems to have a clear answer to.

No, our market is around 23,000, why would we want to put in more seats than needed? We don't want to sit in a 33,500 seat stadium and stare at empty seats. Temp seats can be put in for special events.

I think the 22,500 figure is a minimum number. I don't think it was ever said it was a maximum. I stand ready to be corrected of course, if someone can find a source that says otherwise.

at the moment, the team averages 25,200 per game, which will likely increase during fall schedule as history dictates.
...and this is for a team that is 3 games below .500 and currently out of a playoff spot.

What if the TiCats had an exceptional record? A superior CFL team? or even just a winning record?

The loss of anywhere between 3,000-9,000 seats with a 22,500 stade, will mar the bottom line tremendously, especially over time, game after game.
and Labor Day games alone could lose upwards of 8-9,000 potentially unsold tickets (or approx. $300,000+ dollars loss in revenue)

IMO, a permanent 27-28,000 seater would have been much more cogent to the market.

27-28 thousand only if there is a continual demand for this size of stadium game in and game out and that is yet to be seen where tickets are valued properly for the most part and not devalued to some firms which I think may be the case now. The bottom line I think is that every seat or close to it for every game needs to be seen as "valuable" current sticker price. The only way to achieve this is through a smaller stadium at the start I believe and see if this is a benchmark for highest value. Right now I think there too many seats provided at a lower cost to some small companies for their customers and that needs to stop happening in the new stadium right off the bat.

You ever think the current facility is a contributing factor of the 'low' attendance?

The london knights used to draw flies at the old ice house. Then they built the new and much larger JLC and have been selling it out for over 10 years. Going by your theory, the JLC should have been built with a capacity of a couple hundred, instead of 10,000ish.

So, you can see, sometimes its the old stadium that keeps people away, and a new stadium brings out the fans.

A combination of perennially poor on field records (for many years) adjacent with an antiquated uncomfortable stadium are two main contributors for attendance dips.

To have over 25,000+ average at this stage of the game regardless of the aforementioned factors is still decent IMO.

A contemporary nascent stadium will certainly increase attendance figures, although we will never know the full extent due to the seating limitations proposed.

I beleive 22,500 seats is the value that was agreed to by the Cats in order to make the budget work (reported in the Spec and cited a few times in the other thread).

What we don't know is how IO documented that in the RFP i.e. as a minimum value or a fixed value. Even if it was a minimum value, I believe that it would be quite surprising if the winning bid came in with anything more than 22,500 as cost carries a fairly significant weight in the RFP submission scoring process.

The Cats have also been quoted as saying that even if the facility opens with 22,500 seats there would be nothing stopping them from adding more seats in the future.

With that said, I'd bet IO placed some set of requirements in the RFP that requires the facility to be designed in such a way that it is "readily" expandable (i.e. without having to butcher the place when they do).

I don't know where you have been for the last couple of years but the reason we are getting a 23 - 25k stadium is
that's all we can get with the funding available. It's up to $185 Million, but will probably cost more and that's all we the taxpayers can afford. I can't imagine anyone going back and asking the city or the province who are running up a $15 BILLION debt right now to ask for a bigger stadium for the Hamilton Tiger Cats.
We should be saying thank you Federal, Provincial and city taxpayers for going beyond the allocated budget in these hard times and coming up with a new stadium.

The Pan Am Games was about 15,000 seats for soccer, and it was the city and the province PLUS the Ticats who are going to pay $1.5 million a year in rent to come up with millions more to make it a 22 - 25k stadium.

Your logic about a small old stadium doesn't work with Toronto CFL fans. They certainly aren't staying away because of an old, small facility. The Rogers Centre is centrally located, on a rail line, subway line, close to a highway, comfortable seats a great place to watch a game, but they would probably love a 22,500 seat stadium.

Skydome is a great place to watch a game? Not according to 100% of the people who have been there.
Everyone knows the sightlines are terrible, and is the worst place to watch football in all of the CFL.

And you say 23K seats is all hamilton can afford with a $180M budget, yet winnipeg’s 33K seat stadium is $180M. Subtract the roofing, and it’s probably closer to $150M.

A lot of people were/are surprised at the success of the Knights in the JLC. My brother was telling me that it was going to be built with about 6500-7000 seats but someone said it should be 9000 to get some bigger music acts in. The thinking was they wouldn't need anything over 6500-7000 for the Knights. And the old arena was out by the 401 with lots of parking with the new arena close to downtown and downtown parking lots. Sort of the opposite of go to the burbs with lots of parking type thing and that's the way to go. :?

Actually it's $190 Million and it's not that I say we can't afford it, it's the fact that there is NO MORE FUNDING. Why subtract the roofing? it's an awning that is designed to prevent winds from swirling on to the field it's not about keeping the fans dry. How do you know that the new IWS won't have an awning? Why do they need or want as many seats as Winnipeg.

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