Bomber Stadium and Hypocritical Government

They dont have money to put towards the new Asper stadium,yet Winnipeg gets a indoor soccer park with 4 fullsize feilds.

The facility is funded jointly by the University of Manitoba, the City of Winnipeg, the Province of Manitoba, the Government of Canada and the Winnipeg Soccer Federation. The 105,000 square foot complex will include four indoor playing fields, dressing rooms, viewing stands, pro-shop, restaurant and lobby.

See how important are so called roads and sewers are now? What a joke!
Now you guys see my point that I was trying to raise to you guys a long time ago.

This is what the feds are spending the extremly much needed road and sewer money on.

And to think the Asper stadium would have offered a indoor feild as well. Shame on you Asper for wanting that road and sewer money.

..until you produce a photograph of poo running down the gutters of Portage and Main I won't buy into your much needed sewer work...

That was me being sarcastic. I am for a new stadium Red. That post was to poke fun that the politicians who wont put a dime into a new stadium for the Bombers yet they dump money into a big white elephant like this indoor soccer complex.
The Politicians that I am poking fun at are claiming that they need money for sewers and roads and cant commit to a new stadium for Football, yet they dump money into a great big white elephant soccer complex.
Just so that the readers know, Winnipeg already had 2 indoor soccer complexes shut down because they are a money pit.

ya but beer, you have to understand all the different levels putting in change and the ultimate factor of more usage in such a facility.

one question. ok, maybe a couple.

Who gets to use these soccer fields?

Is it possible that kids will get to use these fields??

If so, that makes them way way more important than a new stadium for pro ball.

Just so that the readers know, Winnipeg already had 2 indoor soccer complexes shut down because they are a money pit.
as in being old, requiring too much expensive maintenance, etc???

OH I completly understand that, but my point is that the we already have indoor soccer in Winnipeg. And the Asper stadium already offered the feild to be used year round for such events.

Here is the difference.
The Winnipeg football stadium is in much need of being replaced. The soccer complex is a luxery that is already offered in other parts of the city.
The politicians are saying one thing and doing the other. I will also add that the feds robbed peter to pay paul with this project because the U of Winnipeg was suppost to get a indoor facility downtown in that vacant land where the roller rink used to be, but the U of Manitoba stole it from them. Literally.
This soccer complex is being build out of a political agenda and greed rather that of practicality.
Indoor soccer has a following but it does not have a following that big to warrant a giant indoor complex like that. Remember 2 indoor complexes already shut down and a 3rd indoor complex switched from soccer to ultimate because the indoor soccer was not as popular as everyone thinks.

No the soccer complexes that shut down footbalyoubet were new. The one that was in Hendingly was build not to long ago.
FootbalYouBet this is not about being anti soccer. I like soccer and have played senior mens in the past. I am all for new sports facilities as I am pro sports.
My issue is with the politicians this time.
Here is the best example.

In Winnipeg we need roads really badly, what do we get? A 25 million dollar walking bridge that no one uses with a 1 million dollar toliet on it.
In Winnipeg we need a new stadium that thousands of people will attend everyweekend for sports and concerts, but instead we get a soccer complex to add to the list of many other indoor soccer complexes in the city.
The U of M already has 3 giant indoor sports facilities plus Bison stadium.
This 4 feild indoor soccer complex does not make much practical sence. 1 indoor feild might be understandable, but 4????
And whats wrong with Max Bell Centre?
And why do the feds hand out money when they complain about roads and sewers all the time?

So, what the official reason given for this new fields then. What do they say about there already being "enough" existing fields??

Beerbarons, when did Headingly shut down? My son played there all season this winter until the season was done. Has it shut down now?

Edit - just checked and the spring league is in full swing at Headingly. Not sure where you are getting your info.

I really think the difference is that Aspers money was more related to the addition of a mall along side the stadium that may have chased the fed money away. If your going to build a stadium it should be just a stadium not a commerical complex with it.

so you are comparing a indoor soccer facility that costs $12.5 million to build and will see 250,000 atheletes use per year with a $120 million stadium that on a good year might see 2,000 plus on a good year 350,000 people sitting in the stands. Yes they are really comparable.

Does anyone know what is the latest status of the snails pace approval into Mr. Aspers plan?
This is turning out like the MTS situation and at this pace we will all be dead before seeing anything.

God Im glad I live in BC now.Our new roof will cost more than their whole stadium. What a bunch of cheapasses.

That's exactly how it is going. More rumors flying that there will be a BIG announcement next month ! Problem is the legislature won't even be in session next month.

lol :thup:

This is just further proof that it is the manitoba government that makes it hard for professional sports to survive there.....the Jets got the new stadium they needed to stay in Winnipeg the only problem being that the jets have been in phonenix for 10 years...

All the bombers need to do is move somewhere out of Winnipeg and they'd get there new stadium in about 2015

....the Big announcement will probably be something to do with Vic Toews saying we have to study the proposal at least till Nov. 09/election time...then a new govt. will be in office who will then ask for more studies to see if it is financially viable....Asper will probably walk away by then and the whole thing will have gone up in me cynical but i don't see this thing ever getting off the ground....hope i'm wrong.. :frowning:

green2 i would rather have canad inns stadium for another 10 years then have to use taylor feild for 2…

I can't even argue with you their Taylor is wasnt a knock on the people of Winnipeg or the stadium it was against the gov't.

But if the Riders keep winning i'd sit in a pile of cow shit in a farmers field if thats what they were playing on