Bomber Special Teams

Westwood - washed up
Albert Johnson - washed up
Pikula - wet behind the ears
Special Teams Coach Cory McDiarmid - Fired!
Quality of special teams players - unacceptable
Odds of costing them a championship - 100%

Thanks top hat your being honest. Flight is grounded. :lol: The bombers need to do something to correct this glaring problem or your right. Hamilton is going to give you hard time. They are playing good defense. Oh yes for those that do not like my opinion I know your response will be " the stamps are done because Burris out" yet a few weeks ago he was a bum. Yes as the world turns. Take Care Top Hat good assessment.


Yes the special teams have been poor, but don't get carried away. I like Fred Reid, and I think we should try and give him more time. We need to start giving Pikula more kicks as well, I just won't feel confident with troy kicking anything over 20 yards.


Yes the special teams have been poor, but I could live with just Poor.

You got to be kidding! These guys are totally inept and outclassed in every aspect of special teams play. Kyries Hebert tackling numbers are great but what does that say about the rest of the guys on the field. These Bomber special team personnel are "special" and probably need some "special Ed".

They cut Dorsey in training camp in favor of Albert Johnson.

Good personnel assessment.

There kicking problems will cost them in the playoffs or Grey Cup if they get there you have to be able to make those field goals

Off the top of my head I can think of three games this year where the Blue Bomber special teams cost them a win.

Game 1 against Edmonton: Westwood missed many field goals, including what would have been the game winner in overtime. Bombers only end up with a tie.

Game 2 against Edmonton: I think it was three onside kicks recovered by the Eskimos. All of them were easy to spot ahead of time from the stands, yet the Bombers special teams couldn't adjust to any of them. Bombers end up losing by 4.

Tonight's game against Toronto: Allowed a kickoff return for a TD. Missed each field goal attempt. Bombers lose by 8.

Not to mention that in nearly every game this year the Bombers are continually out-punted and continually start off with worse field position than their opponents.

The Bombers special teams could very well end up costing them their shot at the Grey Cup.

DIDN'T know Bumbers had a special team?

Hey I read that one clear yes they do have a special team they are best in all three phases of their game. See Piggy's posts that will show you just how special they are. :lol:

Disclaimer: this was directed at Piggy all lther bomber fans do not fret.

Westwood is "special". :smiley:

Yes and can he play a banjo! Good point hillbilly!

this one is for blie dragoon..... actually if you look at the stats since pikula was called out the last time they played TO he has out punted every opponent they have played since. He is even giving up punt yards to try and pin the opposition deep in there end. For those who dont know anything about winnipeg kicking they arent looking for big kicks they look for placement. Sure pikula could kick the ball down the middle of the field and have one of the highest avg in the league but that doesnt happen here. We need to Have our best athletes on special teams... no just players, we need to be more physical.

You need a special team to play. I did not see that today. By the ay who coaches the special teams maybe look at him.

Westwood is a big part of the Bomber ST problems. However when you play the Argos who have the best ST imo, they can make it look worse than what it is. BTW anyone else see the two questionable blocks on the Dorsey TD return ? That could have very easily been wiped out like the two big ones AJ111 had.

One question for you Piggy what happen to all phases of the Bomber game. DID you not say they were the best in all three phases of the game.

I said they were better than some teams, the Argos weren't one of them. I believe I was referring to the Als without Calvillo and the Stamps without Burris. Since we have to play both of them yet, I guess we will find out won't we.

...the Bombers can't go 'whistling through the graveyard' anymore when you take a good look at how the special teams are playing....something HAS to be done....or its gonna come back and bite us in the a$$ sure as i'm sitting at this computer... :wink: :roll: