Bomber season tickets

Say, I was just poking around the Bomber team site to see if any Jyles news was up (still nothing official anywhere I can find, btw). Anyway, I saw a news headline from Feb. 10 announcing that the Bombers had surpassed 10,000 season tickets sold. I was stunned it was this low…and had just figured they generally ran in the 16,000-20,000 range.

Is this normal, or is it way low due to recent history? Where do they normally sit in terms of season tickets? Do sales pick up in the spring, or are they that dependent on the walk-up?

Not sure how that compares to this time in other years, but the Bombers were crowing pretty loudly on their home page, so I guess it must be similar to other years at this time.

Some of the veteran posters here may have a better memory than mine, but I have seen season ticket sales ove the years anywhere from 13,000 - 20,000, the Bombers usually bank on around 18,000 I believe.

We're slightly ahead of last year's pace at this time. We had somewhere between 17-18,000 season tickets last year.

Oh, okay. 17,000-18,000 was more in line with what I always understood they did. That's why the big to-do over 10K threw me. The renewal pace is just a little different than I would have guessed, especially if this is ahead of pace.

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