Bomber Scout Caught Spying on ticats Practice

apparently 15 champs cant take a little ribbing, has to go out and start throwing insults saying i dont know anything about football :lol:

He doesn't care, it's about winning . Not about the spoiled morons in the press. Why is it tainted ? because you said so. Why do you think, what ever you write is and exact truth ? Get off your high horse !

papa are you seriously not troubled by that at all?

He STARTS the thing off, before ONE SINGLE question is asked of him, by calling all the reporters "lazy XXXXXs"..........

Aside entirely from being gratuitously offensive, it was uncalled for, unprofessional, and serves only to make Kelly look like a complete moron. I don't care for sportswriters or broadcasters who are all full of themselves anymore than you do. .....but come on, when an issue arises (and yes, Kelly, this IS an issue, no matter how much you wish it was a non=issue), he should have the cojones to face the music and deal with it..........he should have come out and said "No we didn't tell our scout to do this" or he should have fallen on his sword and said "yes we told him to do it, he got caught, so mea culpa we won't do it again."

The guy's Head of Football Operations...............the buck stops if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Please back up your claim, that Kelly sent him to cheat ? Please provide your source ? He answered the question once, " it was handled internally " The media didn’t like the answer. To Bad , they don’t run the Bombers. Every team scouts other teams practices, even you should know that . Henry Burris tonight " NO BIG DEAL, ALL TEAMS DO IT " You can run 30 different plays out of the same formation. Not one player interviewed , thought it was a big deal.

MJ, Hodgekinson & Bauer already addressed the media on the incident and told the press that was the end of it. How many times do they have to say it ?

They (the press) went out of their way to antagonize Kelly into the response they wanted. Pure garbage sensational journalism, which most people see right through.

Disagree, for two reasons.

  1. Kelly is at pains to tell everyone that HE is the head of football his word should therefore be of more importance than Bauer, Hodgkinson, the ball boy, Milt Stegall, or anyone else who cares to comment.

  2. The press did NOT, as you allege, go out of their way to antagonize is PRECISELY the OTHER WAY AROUND............Kelly STARTED it, BEFORE ONE SINGLE QUESTION was asked, by calling them "lazy asses."

Lazy asses they may be...........but to start off in that fashion is unprofessional, rude, offensive, and just downright moronic. Kelly is going to have absolutely no reservoir of goodwill to fall back on when or if times get tough for his team.........

cheaters! cheaters! LOL who cares, I doubt they really knew about this I think they have other worries but sure is putting stress on Kelly in only his third game coming, could be a long year for this guy, been a very crazy start to the year in Bomberland, I wonder if he still likes his new job 8)

Now Bauer is claiming the guy wasn't in the Bombers employ, nice way to cover your very dirty *ss.

The guy did it and the bombers were hoping to use it to get a leg up on the Cats. Truly dumb idea. Bauer and Kelly need to come clean, admit they knew about it and for Cohon to punish them appropriately, say a loss of their 1st round pick next year, put the other 7 teams into a lottery to decide who gets it.

A very loyal Tiger Cat fan!

Produce evidence behind your claim , that Kelly and Bauer told this guy to do it ? When MTL, did this twice did they lose a 1st round draft pick ? It was a open practice , scouts are allowed to go . Writing things down, was his own dumb decision.
Ti cat fans should worry about the 15 wins they have in 4 years and how they couldn't sell out their home opener, again.

Kelly doesn't care, it's all about winning football games for him. He knows this city and what kind of football team this city wants. He was here when we won the East in back to back years . The Bombers haven't won a cup in almost 20 years. Bomber fans don't care who's feelings get hurt , just win the Grey Cup ! This is what the media doesn't tell you, he has cleaned up the party first culture in the locker room. Has brought in fast and hard working players. He demands attention to detail. This is the first time in a long time ,that the Bombers are a true team, not a team of individuals that play well at times. This is what Kelly said about what he saw from the Bombers in last years East semi, " the Bombers were more worried about going to Earls than winning the game " The fans who know the game in Winnipeg ,like what kelly is doing and support him 100 %.

I don't understand how being a total jackass helps the Bombers win games. I don't even understand the link between the two. It's one thing to be a tough coach who holds his team accountable and demands high performance from every player. Who wouldn't want that? It's quite another to conduct yourself like a subhuman troglodyte in the media almost from the day you become head coach.

Kelly is getting away with this nonsense now because the Bombers look good early and are coming off a solid win, but he'd better hope his team never goes on a losing streak, because the knives will come out quickly, and given how he's treated the media, I can't blame them one bit.

Jackass according to who ? The media got there iddy biddy feelings hurt. Too bad, get over it !
TSN didn’t do there homework on the Bombers, they were lazy in scouting the Bombers, TSN was to busy falling over Jessie GLASS Lumsden . If they were paying attention, the win over Calgary wouldn’t have been that surprising .
The Media asked the question about the scout in Hamilton, he answered " handled internally " He answered, to bad the media and some fans didn’t like the answer. Tough that’s life. The Media kept on badgering him and should be ashamed of themselves. Show me the law, where it states the media must know everything about every situation ?
Bob Irving who has more knowledge of the Bombers and the CFL,than anybody in CANADA and the best play by play guy in the business. Thinks Kelly is a solid person and a has defended him to other media , who haven’t done their homework. I will take Irvings word on Kelly . Irving gave no such support to Berry or a couple other coaches we have had in the past.

Kelly has to learn to bite his tongue. His reaction to the reporters was over the top. An interview like that takes away from all the good things he has done so far. He'll either learn how to handle these things or he'll continue to make life harder for himself. The problem as any good politician has learned is that you cannot win a war with the media as they control what is printed. If Kelly continues to overreact like this he makes enemies with fans and media. Whenever any challenges arise they will jump all over him rather than giving him the benefit of the doubt. This "spying" incident is a not big deal but the reaction to it has made it a bigger deal than need be.

I like Kelly and what he has done so far with the team. I hope he can continue to improve the club but we have to stop these unecessary distractions. He really has to learn the difference between being an anonymous assistant coach and when you are the top dog and everybody holds you responsible for what happens with the team.

....I DON'T BLAME KELLY FOR TEEING OFF ON THE MEDIA......lets go into this a little further....When Kelly took over and 'cleaned house' there was a lot of 'cozy' little media guys in the Peg who just loved know the guy who got us nothing in a decade...It seemed almost from the start ,this group of lazy dolts took umbridge with the fact Kelly virtually tied a can to this loser...Kelly is an up-front...tell it like it is guy...The media doesn't like it....tough....Where were the media when Murphy and Kelly were bringing in talent and how many good things did they have to say???...not much....HOWEVER whenever it looked like he stepped or might step over the line they were there like little ferrets...Good on Kelly for dumping on these jackasses...they deserve it all....I have never seen a coach get such a rough-ride upon taking over like Mike has...No support from his local 'so-called' media friends....Even today this joker Turner in the free press is still on the 'Kelly dislike wagon'.if you read between the lines....Horsefeathers to you Turner and the other bunch of pinheads...I believe some of these guys actually support other clubs in the league....There business...but why have a job doing sports in Wpg.....move along...This whole spy-thing has gone on in some form in the league for years...(the als. got caught filming hand signals) doesn't make it right...but what the hey....there is NO rule in the league regarding same...and Kellys comment 'NON-ISSUE...IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS... :expressionless: the previous post it's 'their business',,,not their MadJack.... :lol:'''gotta proof read my stuff more often when i'm 'ticked' im more accurate then hfxtc...

Funny, if it was the riders at a bomber practice, you would all be calling for Tillmans head! Just saying "handled internally" is NOT an answer. If anything it's an admission of guilt. Like MadJack said, he could have just said that the scout took it upon himself(like he most likely did) to go take notes on a team that the bombers happen to be playing this week. To me it wasn't a big deal until the way Kelly handled himself about it. Handling internally to me sounds like he's hiding something, but why? What do people expect? Obviously people are going to see this and question how things are done in Winnipeg. When people do, all Kelly and his supporters can do is hurl insults at the media and the ticats. But if the shoe were on the other foot I can see all these Kelly "supporters" reacting the exact same way.

I know what you are saying and don’t totally disagree. But think of it this way - the media are like the border guards. You may not like the questions or the attitude but you do have to grin and bear it a bit because they can make your life miserable. You can’t tee off on a border guard unless you want to see the rubber gloves come out. I’m not saying Kelly’s opinions are wrong it is just that by being too quick to express them he will ultimately make his own job harder. Kelly will never ever win a war of words with the media no matter how right he might be.

...I don't totally disagree with your stance either buffalo.....the media guys know how to hack a guy to pieces when they have a mind to.....UNTIL...PUBLIC OR FAN opinions turn on them.... These are the people that matter ...I've seen this happen to some media outlets where people will eventually turn them off....and some papers being comsidered as nothing more than bird-cage liners....I'm not suggesting that will happen to the free press or sun....however they also walk a fine line...You keep dumping on a guy and YOU (local media) lose's not far off until some outlets start feeling the heat if readership/listeners start falling off....I've never seen the type of tripe, some of these guys (especially in print) have reacted to Kelly...He's the home-teams coach for cripes sake...I know Kelly lives on the edge with these guys (media)...that's his nature and wins will certainly put that right....But to pounce on the guys every move, when there is something debatable in the organization, is crap.... How about some local (media) support instead of trying to cut the guy off at the knees....Man it sure showed when they tried this latest go round with him.....He said NON-ISSUE (WITH HIM)...IT'S BEING HANDLED INTERNALLY...and it has..end of.. :expressionless:

Kelly is not here for a popularity contest, one thing that he does know, our fans care about the win-losses column simple as that, he may not be the poster boy for the best loved coach, and may not always exhibit a respectful attitude toward the media, but he is doing his job as the coach and directing the players the best to his ability.

But the fact of the matter is, a Blue Bomber employee was caught at their practice, it is not honourable what happened but there should be some type of punishment, like a fine, to set an example that this type of activity is not tolerated by the league.

and Pops.. its not Canadian Spy Information Service.. its Canadian Securities Intelligence Service