Bomber Scout Caught Spying on ticats Practice

From Drew Edwards blog oF Hamilton Spec:

"Officials from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats caught a scout from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers spying during practice at Ivor Wynne Stadium this afternoon.

The scout, identified by Ticat sources as Ron Trentini, had his notes confiscated and was ejected from the stadium.

The Blue Bombers come to Hamilton this Saturday to face the Tiger-Cats.

Hamilton officials say they've pulled the scouts credentials for this weekend's game and have informed the league.

The team, however, declined to make any official statement."

Bombers are denying it......

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...LOL LOL......CSIS IN ACTION....what a bunch of bunk....and this is coming from obie the little 'stool pigeon'....This is the guy who announced to the league that Armstrong was on 're-callable' waivers.....But then there's no proof only allegations, like the spying thing...In any case the scout said he was using the diagrams for another league....IF the cats want totally security.... simple,close the practices.....I wonder how many 'moles' have been poking around our neck of the woods...We caught someone actually 'filming' one of our kicking plays...till Bomber security told him to leave.....Spygate it's not... :lol: :lol: :lol:

M sorry but whether or not it was intentional or not. The bombers should be punished, just az any other team in this situation should be. Sure the blue team denies any knowledge, u think they are gonna say "busted, my bad"? I'm sure the bombers weren't spying. The bombers should be fined at the very least, then that scout can kiss his career in the CFL good bye. It's sad how one idiot can make a stupid decision that he should damn well have known that as a scout for the bombers, that taking notes on ticat practices is a huge no no. The timing couldn't be worse. Considering the cats play the bombers this week. Now he says he's taking notes for another league? Which one? He def ain't in the NFL and CIS ain't going yet. Sounds fishy to me. Especially the way Kelly has been ridiculed already. Looks like more fuel for the fire.'s not the CIS he was reporting this valuable info to was CSIS.....c'mon....this goes on all the time...Other clubs have been just as guilty trying to gain info....lets say..unethically....If the league thinks this is so serious, why isn't there written rules regarding same.....Tempest in a teapot methinks... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well I guess if there isn't any rules against it....hey papa, what's the csis?

........the Canadian Spy and Information Service.... used to be 'intelligence' service....but i don't think it exists anymore... :lol:

Lol ok, I shoulda knew that one

Kelly's a cheater. He probably did the same thing to beat Calgary.

Must be desperate to show well.

....nope......I think we beat Cal. with Shabazz and a few other good Bomber players,,,have fun against him on Sat. :lol:

Is spying illegal in the CFL? If it's not, I'm not sure what all the fuss is about.

Getting your excuses ready, sounds what the Ti cats are all about ? Who's more desperate to show well ? the ti cats haven't made the playoffs in 4 years and have won a combined 15 games in those 4 years.
At least your getting a free education on the the Bomber forum !

Tick tock, Tick tock, Tick tock............. Winnipeg favoured by one over Hamilton (so far). As the clock continues to run leading up to game time, perhaps this is the game of the week to tune into for the CFL T.V. watchers. Should be a good match between these two teams as the saga continues for the Pink Panther spy that was caught. Some say the first Bomber loss was also a struggle for the Esk's. EEks.....the Eskimos are yet to appear in Winnipeg. But none the less Kelly's B.B's should win in Hamilton.....Tick tock, Tick tock, Tick tock......., isn't Calgary a better team than Hamilton.

kasps, Kelly did this to his own team. By obviously cheating, he will make everyone second guess Winnipeg's ethics if they win any more games this season.

Don't blame me. Blame that idiot Bauer hired to run things on Morons Road!

And if you think Kelly didn't knowingly plant the spy at Ivor Wynne, watch this video of Kelly squirming his way out of answering direct questions about the whole thing:

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...i believe you're totally wrong ...we have been succinct in our can you be anymore direct....'IT'S A NON-ISSUE'
...unless you're thicker than a brick... it's pretty easy to understand.IF in fact there was any 'spying' going on there's no rules governing such an incident....Kelly can't comment on b.s. or wind blowing out of the hammer.. .. :lol: non-issue for sure... :lol:

...way to go Mikey.....I just tuned in the interview he did with lol :lol: :lol: :lol: ...These reporters are thicker than bricks...and the way the media has dumped on him from the start....local and otherwise I don't blame him....terrific answer question please....Too bad he didn't take one of those mic's and one of those reporters and ram it......well lets say.. where the sun don't shine...They better have a different question when they approach Mike next....heh heh..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Kelly's a grade A douchebag. First he tells a scout to cheat by reporting what we're doing at practice, which gives you the hint he's worried about Saturday's game, then he has the balls to get mad at the press for bothering him about it. Guess what bro. If you were a real head coach and not the pathetic excuse for a man you are now, you wouldn't need spies to win a game. Sad and a half, I currently have zero respect for the Bombers and ESPECIALLY their head coach. A team I used to like so much too..... You're a flake Kelly!

Mike Kelly is SOOOOO skrewed ! Two games in his first season he's put the entire media in Winnipeg and elsewhere in Canada against him. Big arze bullseye painted right on that bald head of his. I almost feel sorry for the guy. Coming off a big win, now it is tainted...

bombers didnt send anybody... they really dont even need to.. keep telling yourself what you want tomake yourself feel better 15champs.. bombers are a better team, and this week theyll show you

Don't you think the game should be played before we decide who wins? Who would've thought the current champs would start 0-2? Who would've thought the Lions who have almost always been a powerhouse team in the west would start 0-2? The Cats have a good team, don't underestimate them OR homefield advantage. Your only making yourself look like a biased fool that doesn't know anything about football. I said it was going to be a good game, which it is, didn't predict winners yet or anything. I'm just stating how sad it is that Kelly has to spy on us considering the Bombers will "destroy" us on Saturday. I don't think Kelly's half as confident as you.