Bomber Salaries?

Does anyone know where I could get a list of the current Bomber player salaries? This is something that I am very interested in seeing.

im not sure but do you know where i can get a list of free agents in the CFL?

You might wanna start a new thread for your question because it is completely unrelated to my post/question. This way your question won't hijack my question...

You would probably have to get a copy of the teams annual financial report, which should be available through the Bomber office. Since its a community owned team you shouldnt have any trouble getting one I would think. Or why not try sending a email to that guy in the Free Press who runs the bomber forum, he might have the info for you.


That's not funny... :confused:

You must have had the giggles form watching tape of Tee trying to throw for some points...

geez i dont remember putting that... i thinkt that was the night i didnt sleep at all and i was finding everything hilarious... :?

The TSN website in the CFL home page.